Quick Look: The Wrong Book iPad Storybook

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The Wrong Book iPad storybook

The Wrong Book is a fun, short iPad storybook title. It’s an iPad version of the printed title of the same name by Nick Bland.

* Spoiler Alert – this is a short, simple story – so in doing this quick review I giveaway just about the entire plot. So stop reading now if that’s going to ruin the storybook for you.

The lead character in the story is a lad called Nicholas Ickle and, as you may have guessed from the title, it’s all about his efforts to correct things that are going wrong or interrupting his tale. Things being the key word.

Nicholas doesn’t even quite manage to finish saying ‘This book is about’ before discovering an elephant smack in the middle of the page. A trumpeting elephant in fact.


Elephant in The Wrong Book

Again, as you might expect, things get worse (for Nicholas) as the story unfolds, but not in the way Nicholas intended – with further interruptions from farting monsters pirates, rats, and more.



Nicholas does his best to shoo away all his unwanted guests, but by the end they’ve all taken over – and Nicholas only gets to sadly reveal that the book was meant to be about him.

You Are All in the Wrong Book

The voiceover for the app is done by Frank Woodley (according to the App Store page an Australian comic legend) and it’s superb. It really makes the app – the narration highlighting Nicholas’ increasing frustration had my daughter laughing throughout.

The illustrations are fun, the app itself is retina display ready, and the pages are full of interactive elements that will keep kids entertained as well.

I’m not sure how much re-reading sort of appeal this storybook has for older kids (like my 9 year old daughter), but it’s a nicely done, app and I imagine younger kids will add for a lot of repeat reads due to the comical voiceover and fun interactive elements.

Here’s an App Store link for The Wrong Book; it’s priced at $2.99.

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