Quick Look: USA Today for iPad 2.0

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USA Today for iPad

USA Today for iPad has had a major new update, to Version 2.0. The big additions are two brand new sections: Tech and Travel, added in response to user requests. Here’s more detail on all the changes in USA Today for iPad 2.0:

Tech features:
– USA TODAY’s tech coverage.
– App Insider: frequent iPad app reviews.
– TechWatch: a video player which features Talking Tech reviews with Ed Baig and Jefferson Graham and other gadget, gaming and industry news.
– Week in Space photo galleries.

Travel features:
– USA TODAY’s travel coverage.
– Airport Delays: offers a look at nationwide airport delays by map or by list, with the list giving specific delay information pertinent to each airport.
– Week in Travel photo galleries.

Along with the addition of Tech and Travel, 2.0 also includes:
– Multitasking support (iOS 4.2+).
– Stability improvements and bug fixes.

USA Today for iPad

I spent some time with the shiny new 2.0 version of USA Today for iPad this weekend, and I’m impressed with the new sections. Travel is not one, sadly, that I’ll have much use for in the near future – but Tech of course is right up my alley.

I’m happy to see that it’s a strong Tech section as well. The quantity, quality, and range of the the tech coverage is all good. Here’s some of what you get in the new Tech section:

— A good range of articles that cover a broad spectrum of technology and science subjects

— A TechWatch sidebar popover – with 10 video stories on some of the latest tech news


— A ‘Talking Tech’ video segment (within the TechWatch section) with Ed Baig and Jefferson Graham, where the two chat about current hot topics – the segment I watched covered the recent management shakeups at Apple and Google.

USA Today for iPad

— An App Insider feature – again done as a sidebar popover. This one offers a mini-review of an app that has caught the USA Today tech team’s eye. This weekend it is a 3D app from Sports Illustrated that sounds quite cool.

USA Today for iPad

— A final sidebar popover section called ‘Week in Space’, with some awesome space-related images.


USA Today has been one of the very best newspaper titles on the iPad ever since it launched along with the iPad last April. And it just keeps getting better. It’s worth noting that – in contrast to a large number of other iPad newspaper titles – this app remains free nine months after hitting the App Store.

It also provides constant and frequent updates, again in contrast to many of its rivals. Its updates are real and substantial as well – no Project magazine style classing of user comments as updates. If you opened USA Today when the Steelers-Jets game had just begun yesterday, you would’ve seen early game reports and scorelines. If you opened it as the game progressed and ended, you’d see updated and final reports on the game. This is just one quick example of the regular breaking news updates the app gets.

Just as with its print version, USA Today for iPad does not offer the most in-depth coverage of the news, but if you want solid coverage, a free app, and regular, substantial updates throughout the day, you won’t find any better app for US news.

You can find this latest version of USA Today for iPad in the App Store now, and it remains a free app.

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