Quick Look – World’s Deadliest Animals for iPad

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I mentioned a couple days ago that I had installed a new iPad app called World’s Deadliest Animals. Not an app that would generally hold much appeal, but this is a subject that fascinates my daughter – so I grabbed the app without paying a great deal of attention to its App Store description or details.

Bad move. Bad app. After installing the app I was looking forward to showing it to my daughter (Zoe) as she frequently asks about this subect. When we’re out walking the dog, I often get pummeled with ‘what do you think is the deadliest spider?’’ or ‘what do you think is the most deadly sea creature?’ type queries. I hoped this app might answer some of her questions with more authority than I could, or at least give us some great discussion fodder in some of the categories. Or just show us lots of cool pictures of scary creatures.


Sadly, the app disappoints on all these fronts. It includes so many ridiculous entries that it loses all credibility almost immediately. Its Index page starts off with an African Lion and an Alligator and includes some genuine deadly creatures – but it also includes some crazy, leftfield entries. For instance …

— The American Bison – a big, impressive beast for sure, but I don’t recall it ever being mentioned as a vicious or deadly animal.

— Swan – yup the big white pretty birds. I know they can be bad-tempered at times, but deadly?

— There are also entries on this deadly comical list for dolphin, coyote, raccoon, and duck-billed platypus.

Here’s our favorite though. This made Zoe bust out laughing as hard as I’ve ever seen:


Oh yes, it’s the terrifying and deadly Siberian Chipmunk. Everyone has nightmares about these guys right?

So yeah – my bad for ever installing this one. Important lesson learned for Zoe: Dad’s should really spend more time checking whether an app is worthwhile before downloading it. It was almost worth the $0.99 just for how much it made Zoe laugh though.

If you’re willing to spend a dollar just to see how comically bad an app can be, give this one a look. Otherwise, probably best to give it a miss.

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One thought on “Quick Look – World’s Deadliest Animals for iPad”

  1. Zoe seems like a smart kid and I’m glad you want to answer her questions honestly. You might mention that 35,000 years ago, there were more lions all around the world than people. Now there are barely 20,000 lions and 6 billion people. Who do you think is the most deadly? I hope we can find a way to save them. And, yes, badly designed apps are NOT the answer!

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