Quick Look: ZDAY Survival Simulator HD for iPad

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ZDAY Survival Simulator HD iPad app

I’m a huge fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead TV program. I watched it one Sunday night on a whim and then went back and watched every past episode and now never miss it when there’s a current series running. Like many viewers, I find myself wondering how I’d fare in that sort of horrific zombie apocalypse world.

ZDAY Survival Simulator HD for the iPad offers to help us simulate just such a predicament, and test out our survival skills. I’m not generally a huge fan of this sort of adventure game, but the subject matter grabbed me and I’ve been giving this iPad game a go.


Here’s an excerpt from ZDAY Survival Simulator HD’s App Store intro:

What better way to survive a full blown apocalypse than to PRACTICE? This is not a traditional shooter or an arcade style game where you poke buttons to shoot digital bullets at virtual zombies. ZDAY is a 21st century text-based Simulator that puts you the player in tough, real-world situations and says “what would YOU do?”.


Created and Designed by Animator and Director Ed Anderson, and beautifully illustrated by renowned DC comics artist Matt Haley, ZDAY is an intelligent adventure game that starts you in a crowded suburb at ground zero of a full blown infection, and says “what would you do?”.

Rather than offering typical easy / intermediate / difficult type modes, the game starts by letting you choose a starting location for the survival testing. Home is listed as easier and the other choices are Check Point, Police Station, and Apartments.

The game is optimized for the new iPad 3 and also supports the original iPad and iPad 2.

ZDAY Survival Simulator HD iPad app


— Once you’ve chosen a starting point, you’re confronted with a set of scenarios and decisions to make to get through each one. These are clearly presented and quite challenging – more often than not there is no obvious best choice. There are many times where at least two choices seem viable / promising and of course you can only select one. Here are just a few examples – staring with this one if you choose the easier house starting point:

ZDAY Survival Simulator HD iPad app

ZDAY Survival Simulator HD iPad app

You need to make sound decisions, as one wrong choice can lead to your rapid demise.

ZDAY weapon choices

Once a challenge is over – whether you get all the way through it or get killed before finishing it – you get a detailed set of results.

The sophisticated game engine keeps track of every decision that you make, and keeps a running tab on your survival probability based on the choices you make.

These offer a good amount of detail and break down how you did in a number of key areas, such as number of zombies killed, number of survivors found, useful items found, best weapon found, and whether or not you reached your objective.

ZDAY Survival Simulator HD iPad app

ZDAY Survival Simulator HD iPad app

These results offer good guidance and insight on how to do better – because unlike like all those ex cast members of The Walking Dead we get another chance in this game. You can replay the different scenarios as often as you like and the game engine reshuffles events well so it’s never an exact repeat of what you’ve done before.


This is not so much a lowlight, but more of a wish list item. I’d like to see more scenarios and challenges – even if they required an In-App purchase. The challenges presented are very good, but you can play through them pretty quickly – so I’d just like to see more.


If you’re even mildly interested in the zombie apocalypse theme, this game should be well worth a look. It’s quick and easy to dive into and challenging enough to keep the interest level up for a good while.

Here’s an App Store link for ZDAY Survival Simulator HD; it’s priced at $1.99.

Disclosure: This app was independently purchased by the post author. For information about our review policies please see our About page.

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