QuickWordPress: An Impressive New iPad Blogging App

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For a long time there were no decent blogging apps for the iPad or iOS – and I’ve wished for one for ages. Recently a very promising one called Blogsy came along and I have sung its praises more than once already here.

Today I discovered another very impressive new blogging app for the iPad called QuickWordPress. I’ve been using it off and on for most of the day, and it has worked very well for me. My previous post – this one about how the more I use iPad 2 cases the more I love the smart cover – was written and published entirely from within QuickWordPress, and I’ve posted a few other drafts and test posts during the day as well.

The App Store description for this app makes it very clear that it is not intended to be a full-featured weblog client, and that what it aspires to be is a powerful tool for writing, publishing and updating posts on the iPad.  Based on my first day using it, I’d say the app lives up to that goal.


Here’s the features list for QuickWordPress:

– Sophisticated Keyboard Additions
– Support for TextExpander Snippets
– Easily Format your Text
– Multiple Accounts
– In App Preview
– HTML, Markdown Support
– Open Text, HTML, Markdown Files
– Update (Edit) published Posts
– Upload/Insert Images
– Paste Images fom Safari
– Store Notes
– Verbose Manual, Help and Support


— The app lets you pull in photos from your Photo Library on the iPad or paste them in from Safari – and upload them directly to your blog site. This is the one big missing feature from the Blogsy app right now, and it’s great to see it included in QuickWordPress.

You can’t resize photos on the fly within the app, but you can set a default size for them from within this app’s settings in the Settings app, and choose how photos are aligned in settings within the app.

QuickWordPress for iPad

— It supports the iOS ‘Open In’ functionality. This is awesome, because it means you can write you posts in your favorite notes or text-editor app and then use ‘Open In’ to pull them straight into QuickWordPress. For instance, I chose to write my smart cover post draft in the Plain Text app, which syncs automatically to Dropbox – and then opened it in QuickWordPress straight out of Dropbox. You can also email yourself a plain text (or HTML or Markdown) file and use ‘Open In’ from the email app.

QuickWordPress for iPad

— You can preview your post at any time within the app.

QuickWordPress for iPad

— You can add multiple images to a post.

— The TagMenu offers a powerful set of formatting options – including bold, italic, strikethrough, adding a link and lots more. I was able to easily add multiple images and links within my posts.

QuickWordPress for iPad

— You can continue to update posts after they have been published, until you choose to trash them within the app.


— The publish time on posts is messed up. It doesn’t use the time on my iPad, nor the time on my WordPress sites, and ends up marking the published time as several hours earlier than it actually is. So a new post doesn’t go to the top of the home page, but gets shoved down below others.

— It doesn’t include a ‘Read More’ break in its list of quick TagMenu items. It should.

— The settings for blog accounts are within the app itself, while the settings for default photo size are out in the Settings app. It would be much nicer to have all its settings in one place.

— You cannot see or open up existing posts from your sites. I believe this is as intended by the developer, as the app is aimed at being ‘just’ a strong tool for writing and publishing posts, but some may dislike this anyway.


QuickWordPress is my new favorite blogging app, right out of the gate. The ability to upload photos and to use the ‘Open In’ feature to pull in text from my favorite notes and text-editor apps makes this a very handy app.

The UI of the app is very basic and easy to work with as well, and it’s been a pleasure using it so far. I’d like to see the post publish time issue fixed and maybe have a few more features added, but this is already a very good blogging app to work with on the iPad.

Here’s an App Store link for QuickWordPress; it’s priced at $2.99.

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5 thoughts on “QuickWordPress: An Impressive New iPad Blogging App”

  1. have you come across any blogging apps that accomodate tumblr? I’ve been looking for one, but I’m reluctant to pay for something before finding out whether or not it works with tumblr.

    1. Sorry, I haven’t – but then again I haven’t been looking as I don’t use Tumblr. I know there are a couple of iPhone apps for it.

  2. Hi!
    Thank you for your review, but this app does not show up in the app stores in ITunes.
    Any idea what is going on?
    Did they pull it out?
    Any other one that you can recommend aside of blogssy, because this one does not exist!
    Thank you in advance for your help!

    1. Wow, sorry to see it’s missing from the App Store (I found the same now). Other than Blogsy and the crappy WordPress app, I have no suggestions for you. That’s why I was so glad to see Blogsy and this one arrive – there have been no good apps at all in this space ever since the App Store opened.

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