Retro Decathlon 2012: Running, Jumping & Throwing Fun on the iPad

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Retro Decathlon 2012 iPad game

Retro Decathlon 2012: Run, Jump and Throw with us is a new iPad game that’s been released this week just in time for the London Olympics and the start of the Track and Field events today. The decathlon has long been considered one of the signature Track & Field events and is said to crown the world’s greatest all-round athlete, and this game promises to let you have a crack at it in a playful retro style.

Here’s a bit of its App Store intro:

Retro Decathlon 2012: Run, Jump and Throw with us! allows you to experience ten track and field events in an adorable retro graphics and compare your results with the rest of the world in online leaderboards.

10 games in one: 100 meters sprint, long jump, shot put, high jump, 400 meters run, 110 meters hurdles, discus throw, pole vault, javelin throw, and finally the exhausting 1500 meters run.

I’ve been giving the game a try over the last couple of nights and though I’m far from a master of it, I’m finding it to be good fun.

Retro Decathlon 2012 iPad game

The game offers leaderboards, and a practice mode where you can hone your technique in the 10 events that make up the decathlon; in order these are the 100 Meters, Long Jump, Shot Put, High Jump, 400 Meters, 110 Meter Hurdles, Discus, Pole Vault, Javelin, and 1,500 Meters. You also get short instructions on how to do each event with the very basic, retro controls.

I find some of the controls pretty easy to use and others a little more challenging at times. For instance in each of the running events you need to slide over or quickly tap feet buttons to make yourself run. These seem to require you to build up strength by achieving personal bests in the various disciplines in order to even begin to keep up with the competition – which for me is a slow, gradual process.

Once you’re happy with your form in practice, or just chomping at the bit to get going, you can jump into the full decathlon competition. Each event has its own slight variation on the basic controls – and many of them require good timing to get the best results. I like the way the controls vary a little between events as the skills obviously do when athletes compete in the real decathlon. I’ve found I’m best at the throwing events and especially like the Javelin.

Retro Decathlon 2012 iPad game

Retro Decathlon 2012 iPad game

The game gives you your results after each attempt, throw, or event – and lets you know when you achieve a personal best or power-up gain that will help your performance in future tries. As in the real competition, any very weak performances in any single events can wreck your overall position in the standings. Long Jump has been my nemesis – it took me a number of times to even get past terrible three foot jumps. At the end of course you get your overall results.

Retro Decathlon 2012 iPad game


Overall, Retro Decathlon 2012 is great fun to play and, at least for me, quite challenging as well. I’m finding it quite addictive as well – as I’ve got plenty of room for improvement in all the events. The retro style graphics are nicely done and add to the game’s appeal. It’s a basic, retro game that’s well executed and is becoming my favorite little distraction while watching the London Olympics.

Here’s an App Store link for Retro Decathlon 2012; it’s currently priced at $0.99 as a ‘limited time launch sale’.

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