Review: ABC Magnetic Toys for Kids for iPad

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Did you ever wish you could just rewind time to a place where building blocks and stacking towers was your only worry for the day? ABC Magnectic Toys for Kids for iPad lets you step right into that role as a child.

It has a simplistic design, easy enough for any little hands to work. This was one of the first games I got for my kids, and they continue to love it.

Here’s a little more detail on the game’s basics, via its App Store page:

The application features five thematic categories (full version only): Emma’s toys; Tom’s toys; In the room and in the backyard; Letters; and Building Blocks.

For all categories, you can choose one of a total of twenty colorful settings that help children to provide anchorage for their imagination, and offer parents the opportunity of setting up an interactive environment that suits their child’s needs. For instance, there is a lined paper ideal for letters and words play; templates for various toys that are perfect for fine motor skills enhancement, development of association of shade-to-silhouette correspondence and abstract skills; or natural scenery, about which parents can make up stories together with their children while placing onto it any of the wonderful professionally illustrated objects.

Among other features of the application is a possibility to save children’s creations into your iPad gallery. Since we understand that this feature is more suitable for older children, this function can be turned on/off in the settings.

The educational value with blocks and shapes goes back generations, showing the benefits in early learning for children. This game is simple enough that kids will get it without much learning. Dragging the shapes to the main section is all that is needed, and they even have templates that you can drag the pieces on to.

Different shapes, like squares,rectangles,half circles or star shapes give kids all sorts of variety in creating their own masterpieces.

My only complaint about this game is the limited number of template designs.  Having more templates in shapes like castles, cars, or buildings would give the user more options.

Overall I enjoyed this game with my children,  there wasn’t anything to worry about with in app purchases,  and it was exactly what was advertised.  My kids would often take the iPad and create their block tower, or school bus and be so proud of their accomplishments.   I can see this game being used in pre school situations or early learning environments.

Here’s an App Store link for ABC Magnetic Toys for Kids;  it’s Free !!

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