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Breathe for iPad

I like minimalist, good looking weather apps for the iPad. That’s why Weather HD has been a favorite of mine for a long time. Breathe for iPad is touted as just the sort of sleek little weather app I tend to like – the App Store page for it calls it cool, intuitive, and awesome.

I’ve been giving it a spin over the last week or so, mainly on my iPad mini. Like Weather HD, and many imitators, the app lets you use ‘dynamic’ backgrounds. You can choose to use these or just a plain, fixed background. The backgrounds are attractive enough, but the word dynamic is a bit of a stretch to apply to them – as they’re still static images that are rotated once in a while if conditions change, not video images as in Weather HD. So you get a sunny sky image for sunny days and appropriate stormy images when there’s inclement weather.

You can toggle on or off some ambient sounds to accompany your weather browsing. I turned these off pretty quickly.


The app recognizes your current location and allows you to add multiple locations, as just about all decent iOS weather apps do.

On its standard screen the app offers just very quick summary weather info. The name of the location, the current temperature, the current time, the expected daily high and low, wind speed, and a very brief forecast for the day.

There are arrow buttons to tap to switch between locations. I’d rather be able to just swipe to move between locations, as you can in Weather HD and other weather apps I’ve used.

A ‘smart clock’ feature offers a minimal ‘hourly report’ – you tap on the clock and it shows sunny / cloudy / stormy icons beside each hour marker on the clock.

Hourly Report

A tap on the calendar icon towards the bottom left of the screen takes you to a 9 day ‘report’ – where you can tap on dates up to 9 days ahead to see a listing of expected hourly temperatures and little forecast / conditions icons next to each hour. I don’t know that I would generally call that level of information a report.

9 Day Forecast

One of the app’s main selling points seems to be its simplicity. It’s described as simple, smart and beautiful. It is easy to use and the imagery it uses is decent looking – but I’d have to say it falls short of Weather HD in both areas. It also offers considerably less information, and no radar or maps at all.

Breathe for iPad is a nice enough little app, but for me it doesn’t stack up well at all against the leading simple, elegant weather app for the iPad. Being priced at $3.99 for an iPad app only vs. Weather HD at $1.99 as a universal app for iPad and iPhone does not bode well either.

Here’s an App Store link for Breathe for iPad.

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