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Card Shark Collection Deluxe is an app for solitaire enthusiasts.  I was a big fan of the 4 deck version of Spider Solitaire on my desktop computer.  Since an iPad is a comfortable way to play solitaire games, I began seeking a good version of Spider Solitaire.  I tried several apps and then I discovered Card Shark. This is an app with a multitude of Solitaire games including Spider Solitaire.  The first thing that impressed me is the ease of moving the cards.  It is very quick and smooth.  I was also pleased with the features and variety of solitaire games.

Card Shark Collection Deluxe has over 70 different solitaire games including the 1, 2 and 4 deck version of Spider Solitaire and 1, 2 and 4 deck versions of Spiderette which is a smaller version of Spider Solitaire that is quicker to play.  When you start Card Shark, it remembers the last place you were.  This is an opening screen of the 4 deck version of Spider Solitaire.



Touch and drag the cards to the appropriate pile.  When there are no moves, touch the deck at the bottom to deal another row of cards.  When you start playing, you will see 2 arrows at the bottom left.


They are the Undo and Redo buttons which will let you undo or redo your moves.  If you want to start the game over from the beginning, touch and hold the Undo button at the left.  At the bottom right is the “home” button. Touch this and you have several choices.



New Game – This wil bring up a fresh game of the card game you were playing.

Statistics – This will show statistics for your play of the game.  They include what percentage of games you have won out of games you have started, the total time you have played that game, the average playing time, the fastest win time and number of moves, your current win streak and longest win streak and the average win time. You also have the option to reset the statistics for the game.

Rules – This is your how-to-play for the game.

Restart – Restart the current game.

Resume – Go back to where you were in the game.

More info – This will take you to the developer’s website.

Games – This will bring you to a screen of all the available solitaire games in this app.



The screen above shows some of the games available.  Use the arrow keys to see the others.  Touch the game you want to try and you will get a menu that is similar to the Home menu above.  Touch the Rules button to learn how to play the game.



I think that the rules are well-written, and help me determine if I want to try that particular game.

With so many games to choose from, it may take a little while to find the ones you really like.  When you do, you can select favorites and those apps will show at the top of the list.

Options – This button allows you to choose some basic features like the screen orientation, smart drag, neat piles, sound, etc.  There is also a Customize button.



You can customize the table.  There are 13 different backgrounds to choose from.  If you want you can choose one of the photos in your photo library as the table background.  You can customize the Deck.  There are several choices.

You can also customize the Card Back.  There are a variety of card backs, including the option to choose a photo from your photo library.  Here are a few choices of the card decks.  You can see the variety.


Pros:  The movement of cards is quick and smooth.  There are many nice features, including the “undo” capability and the ability to start over.  The variety of games is so plentiful, it will give you many hours of card play.  The customizable options make for a pleasant playing experience.

Cons:  Solitaire fans may find themselves spending too much time with this app.

Card Shark Collection Deluxe is available in the App Store for $2.99.  Here is an App Store link.

Disclosure:  There is a free version (Card Shark Solitaire) that has 12 games.  I initially tried the free version; I liked the app and purchased the paid version which has 70 + games.


Sheila Bigel

I am a retired Computer Programmer and Elementary School Teacher. I currently combine both of these experiences by volunteering to teach computers to Seniors at a local Senior Center. I specialize in iPad Courses, as I love the device.

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