Review: Doodle Buddy for the iPad

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Doodle Buddy is a great medium to release your inner artist on the iPad.  When you first launch the app, it opens to a blank white canvas, and all your tools are located on the bottom dock.  The tool dock houses all your materials and resources.  I will start from the left and work my way down the tool dock.  The first two icons on the dock are: Undo and Clear.  On the iPad making mistakes is effortless to clear.  No need to use that rubber eraser, just tap the undo arrow and your last action will be erased.  Tapping the trash bin icon will clear your canvas completely.  Tip: you can also shake the iPad to clear your canvas.

Art Supplies

There’s an icon on the tool dock that resembles a piece of chalk.  After tapping on it, a menu will spring up with material choices: Brush, Chalk, Glitter, Smudge, and Eraser.  You can change the ink or paint color, in addition to the thickness of the brush stroke or point.  I was surprised to see how accurately you could draw with just your finger.  The smudge tool is a nice feature to use giving objects depth.  Use the smudge effect just like you would on a piece of paper.  It’s definitely a great way to realistically implement the feature.  The stamp icon provides the user with a collection of clip art which includes: smiley faces, animals, plants, bugs, and more.  There are two size choices to select from: small and large.  To use the clip art, just tap on your selection then tap again onto the canvas.  You can tap repeatedly to paste the same item.

The next item, the Tic Tac Toe icon, will provide you with pre-drawn backgrounds.  There are several to choose from such as game boards featuring: Hangman and Tic Tac Toe.  You can also choose from several nature scenes.  The picture icon on the tool dock will let you choose from saved photos on your iPad to work with.


The folder, saves your masterpiece instantly to your photo album.  The envelope icon  gives you the opportunity to share your artwork with family and friends by e-mail.  After tapping on the icon an e-mail message will spring from the dock with the artwork already attached.  You just have to fill in the recipient and then your artwork will be delivered.

My Word

This has become one of my favorite applications on the iPad.  The UI is clean and simple to use.  The big multitouch screen provides for an accurate canvas to work on.  The clip art, photo library, and pre-drawn backgrounds are great features to utilize.  One upside to this app and the other apps like it in the App Store, artists will hopefully save money on materials.  Using the iPad as a medium to create art could in the long term put money back in artists pockets.  Art supplies, especially good quality, can be every expensive.  Don’t forget you have to carry all that stuff with you while the iPad is lightweight.  I like the fact, all my materials are on the dock for easy to access, unlike Brushes and Layers which take time to find everything you need.  For me, sometimes less options are better.  My only complaint is I wish there was a pencil to choose as a material.  It’s FREE so I can’t really complain and overall it’s a great app to own.  Give it a try, maybe you’re the next Michelangelo.

Doddle Buddy is available in the App Store for FREE.

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7 thoughts on “Review: Doodle Buddy for the iPad”

  1. Nice little app. I'm by no means an artist so this certainly appears to be all the depth I need for my limited ability to make some (very) rough sketches. I doubt a more full-featured app like Brushes or Sketchbook Pro would make my doodles any better!

    1. I will have to agree with you on that point. This app does just enough for me and like you, I doubt the higher end apps will enhance my doodles. My artistic skills end with Snoopy.

  2. Thanks for the great review. You can check out some of my iPad artwork, drawings and doodles uploaded at iPad Doodler: I’ve tried most of the sketching/drawing/painting applications currently available for the iPad and Doodle Buddy is defiantly good for just that, doodling. I've found Sketch Book Pro to be by far the most competent (the closest to a mobile version of a desktop Photoshop). I would never have believed that the iPad would become a part of my everyday graphic design work.

  3. Yes, do a creen shot by pressing the home key and the power button. You will see a bright white flash. The picture will be saved in your camera roll as a png file. You can convert it to JPEG if necessary in photoshop or other conversion programs. In most cases you can use as is. Hope this helps for this and other screen grab matters.

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