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FlipPix Art is a logic puzzle app that is fun for all ages.  You need to use logic to fill in squares that form an approximation of an image.  When you touch Play, you are presented with a picture with question marks representing hidden pictures that will be revealed when you solve the puzzle.


Touch a question mark and you will get the puzzle.  There are 3 levels of play, 5×5, 10×10 and 15×15.  Let’s look at the simplest level, 5×5 first to see how it all works.


You have a five by 5 grid with patterns for each row both vertically and horizontally.  The pattern of the second row across is 1 1 1.  That means the first, third and fifth square is on, the second and fourth square is off.  To make this move, touch the first, third and fifth squares on the second row and then touch the paintbrush at the right.  To turn off the second and fourth squares, touch them and then touch the hammer at the right.


The board will show the second row across is complete.  Once this is done, you can figure out other moves.  For example the first row going down has 2 squares on and all the rest off.  Using logic, you can turn off the first, third and fifth squares in that row by touching them and then touching the hammer.  Turn on the fourth square in that row by touching it and touching the paintbrush.

If you make a mistake and touch the wrong square, you can touch the Deselect button at the right.  If you get stuck, touch the Hint button at the right and some squares will be turned on or off for you.  If you make a mistake, the square will be shown correctly with an “X” on it.  You are allowed up to 3 mistakes.  If you make 3 mistakes, the game will be over, but you can try again by touching the Restart button.

The 5 x 5 puzzles are suitable for children.  The 10 x 10 puzzles are more challenging.  I am a fan of the 15 x 15 puzzles.


The puzzle works the same way.  Use logic to start with the squares that have to be filled in (or out) based on the patterns.

When you have successfully completed the puzzle, the pattern will turn into an image and you will go back to the starting screen to select another question mark.  When you have completed all the hidden images on a page, you can go to another page to get a new series of images.  When you finish all the puzzles, you can restart them or purchase another FlipPix app.

FlipPix Art is a series of apps, each containing about 200 puzzles.  There are also FlipPix Jigsaw apps.  The individual puzzles form images as described above, but these images can be rearranged to form a larger image. In addition, there are FlipPix Travel apps, which show the finished images as photos on a travel page.  The newer FlipPix puzzles contain 20×20 grids for an additional challenge. Most of the FlipPix apps are $1.99 in the app store.  A few of them are free.  You can start with a free one, and if you are like me, you will love them and begin purchasing more FlipPix apps.

Here is an App store link to one of the free FlipPix apps.


Sheila Bigel

I am a retired Computer Programmer and Elementary School Teacher. I currently combine both of these experiences by volunteering to teach computers to Seniors at a local Senior Center. I specialize in iPad Courses, as I love the device.

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