Review – iFixit: Repair Manual for iPad

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iFixit Repair Manual for iPad

iFixit: Repair Manual is the brand new iPad app from the excellent team at These guys provide the very best (and free) repair guides for iPhones, iPads, Macs, and a very broad range of computers, electronics, and lots more.

I’ve used iFixit guides in the past and always found them an enormous help. So I was very excited to see this app hit the iPad App Store – and to say I’m not disappointed with it would be a huge understatement.

Here’s a little more background on the app, via its App Store page:

iFixit — the free repair manual! Thousands of step-by-step guides that make it easy to repair your stuff. Fix your own things with step-by-step repair guides.

► Our native iPad view is the best way to repair anything.

● Included Devices ●

Repair manuals show you how to fix:
✓ MacBook
✓ MacBook Pro
✓ PowerBook & iBook
✓ iPad
✓ iPhone
✓ iPod
✓ Xbox
✓ PlayStation
✓ Dozens of digital cameras
✓ Hundreds of cell phones
✓ More manuals added every week


— The range of repair guides is really extensive. I knew these guys for their excellent repair and replacement guides for iOS devices and Macs. I had not realized they also covered so much more. Here’s the areas covered in the app: Cameras from all the leading brands, game consoles, household (appliances, home stereo and theater etc), Macs, Media Players, PCs, Phones, Vehicles.

— The Intro page for each guide offers a quick listing of the parts and tools needed.

iFixit repair guides on iPad

— The photos used in the guides are large and offer a great view of what you need to work with. The instructions are crystal clear and are broken up into very easy to follow small steps. Best of all, the page layouts are designed beautifully for their purpose and just a pleasure to work with.

iFixit: Reapir Manual iPad app

— For example, the guide for replacing the display glass on an iPhone 3GS is broken out into 13 bite-sized steps.

— The app’s main screen offers a selection of featured repairs, as well as a listing of main areas covered as a popover if you’re in landscape mode. You can drill down within each of the areas until you get to the specific device you need. Then on each device’s page you’ll get a view of all the guides available for it – and you can jump to any of them with just a single tap.

— If you’re an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Mac user you are covered exceptionally well by these guides. Just as a couple quick examples, there are 18 guides for a MacBook Pro 15 inch Unibody Mid 2009 model; and 12 guides for an iPad 3G.

Here’s a page from one I’ve used recently for a MacBook Pro memory upgrade:



None to speak of. My one wish list item might be for a little audio and video content to be thrown in for some of the more challenging repairs. I think that might prove helpful.


I had very high expectations for this app, because I know first-hand how good the iFixit repair guides are. And the app is even better than I expected. The iPad – with its large screen and at-your-side tablet goodness – suits these guides perfectly and this app takes full advantage of what the iPad has to offer.

If you’re the type who likes to tackle a device repair or upgrade yourself now and again or often – to save money and keep your devices going strong – then this app may well become your new best friend. It’s certainly going to be a BFF for me.

You can find iFixit: Repair Manual in the App Store now, and it is a free app.

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