Review – Learn the Animals and Learn Fruit and Vegetables for iPad

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My daughter was three a few weeks back and as a lovely gift, 965 Studios sent me a couple of codes for two of their Apps.

The Apps are Learn the Animals and Learn Fruit and Vegetables.

965 Studios is an American company and the codes came with an apology for the differences that I was likely to see/hear which is good because it at least forewarned me.

We Brits tend to be quite reserved when it comes to praise, so to hear a voice blasting out of the iPad saying “I’m so proud of you” is a little bit of a shock! However, the little one loves it and has now been known to wander up to me and say “I’m so proud of you mummy”

I love these apps. They are very simple, with a cartoon grid of pictures displayed first.

Learn animals

The word is there to read if your child can, and a voice speaks out what picture it wants you to find.

If you get it right you are rewarded with a photo of the “real thing”

Learn animals horse

Which I think makes it very real and helps the learning.

There are animals in the Learn the Animals app that are not well known over here but it’s fine for the little one to learn about these too. She needs to know about all animals, not just ones she will see!

There are more challenges with the differences in the fruit and vegetable app. We call an eggplant an aubergine for example. This means she’s learning the wrong words which I have a bit of a problem with. Luckily she prefers the animal app anyway!


As you can see from the picture – she has no idea what a raccoon is!

Both the little one and I love these apps. Simple apps are always the most effective for teaching stuff anyway and it’s nice that she can learn and get praise and reinforcement without me needing to supervise (please ignore the mess in the background on this photo)

Here are App Store links for Learn the Animals and Learn Fruit and Vegetables for iPad – each of them is priced at $1.99.

Disclosure: 965 Studios provided a promo code for the review of these apps. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the "About" page.  

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