Review: Minigore HD for iPad

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Let me just start by saying Minigore is one my favorite games.  The developers at Mountain Sheep really have outdone themselves with the iPad version.  Due to the screen size of the iPhone your game play is limited.  The controls on the iPhone take up precious screen real estate and that leads to a John Gore getting killed by that unseen Furry.  Now on the iPad, playing Minigore is a completely different story.

Once Upon a Time

If you are not familiar with the game, the main character John Gore is fighting for survival in the Hardland.  There are many creatures which lurk in the Hardland.  John Gore’s archenemies, Furries, are scary-looking creatures that come in a variety of different sizes.  The Furries will just keep coming in endless waves, they are relentless in their pursuit to surround and overtake you.  When the sun goes down, the Wolfworm feeds.  This long, wormlike creature can sometimes travel in groups.  The only way to annihilate this creature is to make sure you defeat it before it regenerates or multiplies.

John Gore loves his clovers and if you collect three he will unleash Beast mode which makes you unstoppable for a certain period of time.  Each time your character gains a weapon from the crates (if you don’t shoot and explode it first) your weapon increases in damage level.  There a total of ten levels for each: Beast mode, Grenade launcher, and Shotgun.

New Controls

When you start Minigore you are given two control styles to choose from: Touch2Go (firing is automatic) or Dual Stick Controls (just like the iPhone).  Either option works great for me.  If you choose Touch2Go, just tap a safe location on the map and your character will advance to that location.  The nice part about selecting this option is you don’t have to worry about firing. Mountain Sheep posted on their blog, this control option makes it “So easy Grandma could play!”  That statement couldn’t be more true.  As Furries approach you, the automatic firing will kick in and take care of any Furry in your way.  The dual stick control option works just like the iPhone version, one control for firing and the other for movement.  I loved using either control option and found that both options worked great during game play.

If you have played the iPhone version before, you will notice immediately how great this game looks on the 9.7″ screen.  With the larger screen your thumbs don’t cover the impressive graphics.  You can see so much more of the detailed environment Mountain Sheep has created.  On the iPad, the environment and characters look enhanced, the colors looks vibrant, and the game looks sharp.

What’s new in Minigore HD.

The version for the iPad has been totally redone to take advantage of the larger screen and resolution.  As mentioned earlier, Touch2Go is a new control option.  When you start the game, you are shown a large map view of Hardland.  You can choose to play in the Snow Forest or the Dark Forest level.

A new character was added: Zombie Gore carries dual wielding machine guns but he can’t shoot straight.  All premium characters are free when purchasing the iPad version.

There are a total of 14 characters to choose from and each character has a specific weapon: Zombie Gore (dual wielding machine guns), John Gore (single machine gun), Jerry Gore (shotgun), Zombieville Guy (shotgun), Jake from Hook Champ (shotgun), Sway’s Lizzy (single machine gun) and Ninja Man (long sprint when damaged), Evan Hsu (single machine gun), Envio-Bear (shotgun), Xmas Gore (shotgun), Sensei Evan (dual grenade launchers), Gangster Gore (dual machine guns), Kid Gore (single machine gun), and Santa (shotgun).

New enemy, the Predator Furry: hides in the bushes waiting for you to be nearby.  Another small enhancement, while you are firing you can now see bullet shells falling to the ground.  It’s small touches like this that make this game great.

Crystal support looks great and side panels slide out to view the current leaderboards, achievements, and profile information.

My Word.

Mountain Sheep has done a great job with Minigore HD.  The enhanced graphics and game play translate well to the bigger iPad screen.  I really can’t think of anything that doesn’t work right while playing this game.  My only minor complaint would be to give an option to rotate or flip the screen.  The screen stays locked in one position and you can’t rotate it.  This is a game I will definitely hold onto and play for a long time. So what are you waiting for, help John Gore battle some Furries….

Minigore is available for $4.99 in the App Store.

“This app was won independently by the author in a giveaway provided by Mountain Sheep. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see our About page.”

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  1. This review makes me want an iPad! Love the idea of playing this already great game on a larger screen.. Plus "grandma" mode.. What more could you want?

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