Review: My PlayHome for iPad

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There is little my now-3-year-old daughter enjoys more than dressing her toys up and swapping all their clothes. She also enjoys making imaginary cups of tea (I am British remember) and food for us all.

My PlayHome is quite a simple little app. The people as you see them in the picture here are fixed in position like that (you can move them around obviously), but many of the objects that you see around them are interactive. There are 4 rooms: A bathroom, A kitchen, A bedroom and the Lounge/Living room.


Every room has specific objects you can interact with. In the bathroom you can put the people in the shower, and when they get wet you can use a towel to dry them off. There is very little animation involved. For example, you know they are wet because they drip, the towel doesn’t move but as you move it over a dripping character the drips disappear. Objects rotate to adapt to the surface you put them on so if you put a kid on a bed then they lie down. Sound accompanies each action.

At first, I wasn’t impressed. But the more you play with it, the more you start to appreciate the little things, like boiling the kettle, putting milk in the cup and then letting a character drink it. There is a CD player in the lounge with a collection of different CD’s that you can choose to play with different musical styles.

I eventually let the little one have a go too and after showing her the general principles for a few minutes I never got another look in. She quite happily plays with her house and family for ages, totally absorbed.

My criticism would be that there aren’t more things in each room to interact with and maybe you could actually dress and undress the characters (even if it wasn’t as far as letting them get naked!)

Overall though this app fools you into thinking there is not much to it with its simplicity but actually would definitely be a recommendation I would give to parents with kids of a similar age.

Here’s an App Store link for My PlayHome; it’s priced at $2.99.

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