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myPhoneDesktop provides an effective way to send data from your desktop directly to your iPad.  This app is great to use and let me tell you why.  I am constantly sharing information back and forth between my computer and my iPad, and this application provides a perfect way to make it easier and less time consuming: I can now place calls and send out SMS messages via Skype; transfer long text notes; copy/send URL links; and save images conveniently from my computer to my iPad.

The desktop client transfers data to your iPad immediately through secure servers, and your data is deleted from the servers afterward to protect your privacy.


After you have installed the app on your iPad, you will need to complete a quick profile setup.  The next step will be to download the desktop software for your computer.  Currently there is support for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. There is also a browser based web client. When you launch the software you will have to input your user name and password which you created earlier during the iPad setup.  You are now good to go!  On both the iPad app and the desktop client you will notice five navigation tabs located on the bottom; Phone, URL, Text, Image, and Settings.  If you currently have the WiFi version of the iPad, you can still make calls and send SMS messages using Skype.  You just have to enable Skype which is located under Phone options.

In the recent update to the desktop software, you now have the ability to import your contacts from your Address Book (Mac) or Microsoft Outlook.  This was a popular requested feature and I am glad to see it.  To start importing your contacts, just click settings on the desktop client under favorites.

myPhoneDesktop Privacy Policy:

Your Data is Protected. MyPhoneDesktop encrypts all data on your system and then sends it to MyPhoneDesktop over an encrypted connection to ensure your data is secure.  We aim to provide you an excellent experience with our service. For additional detail on how we handle your data or to contact us with questions, please see the rest of the Privacy Policy below.


While using the phone tab, you can place calls and send SMS messages over WiFi via Skype using the desktop client.  To place a call, simply type out the phone number or click on the provided dial pad.  After typing in the phone number just click Skype and the desktop app will immediately open the Skype application (if installed on your computer). Tip: You can save phone numbers for easy access by clicking the plus sign when you type in a phone number or add.

Other notable features: Show will transfer the phone number to the companion iPad app and Copy will save the number on the iPad’s clipboard.  As you place calls using the desktop client it will remember previously dialed numbers along with the time and date if you decide not to import your contacts.

You can also create SMS messages.  Just type in the recipient’s phone number then complete the personal message.  When you are finished, click Skype and the desktop client will immediately open the Skype application, (if installed on your computer).

The iPad app functions similar to the desktop client. The keyboard will pop up when you start to type a phone number.  You will notice an options button on the upper right of the screen.  When you tap on the button you are presented with a few choices; Copy; Call with Skype; SMS with Skype; Assign to an existing or new contact.  When choosing to make a call or sending a SMS message on the iPad, myPhoneDesktop will redirect and open Skype.


To get started just type or paste a link from your browser into the space provided.  Now you have three options, you can choose from; Open which will redirect and open Safari to the selected URL on your iPad; Show can transfer the link to the app; Copy saves it to the clipboard. The iPad app gives you a few options as well.  After transferring a URL, you can: open the link in Safari, copy it to clipboard, or add it to an existing or new contact.  I located Apple on Google Maps then copied the URL into myPhoneDesktop.  When I transferred the data to my iPad, the app redirected and opened Google Maps.


The text feature allows users to write short or long memos conveniently your computer using a keyboard to type.  Then you can send the text to your iPad by choosing one of two options: Show– pastes the text into the iPad app or Copy– saves the text to the clipboard.  There is also an option to assign the text to a contact on the iPad app.


One of my favorite features is the ability to send images from your computer to the iPad instantly.  You can transfer the pictures using the desktop client three ways: entering the URL, locating the file on your computer, or Drag and Drop (my personal favorite).  Just drag a picture into the desktop client then choose Save to instantly add it to your Saved Photos.  Other options: Show– will transfer the image to the iPad app and Copy will save it to the clipboard.

On the iPad app, you can even assign images to a contact by tapping options once transferred from your computer.

Options and Settings

Desktop Client:

Phone: Auto Send: local/international/unvalidated numbers; Set a default action to: Call, SMS, Show, Copy; Enable Skype (desktop).

URL/Text: Auto Send; Clear data after sending; Set default action.

Image: Auto Send; Size limit; Clear Data; Set Default Action.

Account; System options: Growl support; Setup and Manage phone favorites.

iPad app:

Fetch New Data setup: Push or Pull intervals; Clear Data; Alerts: Sound options and Vibrate on/off toggle.

My Final Word

I really enjoy using this app.  I didn’t run into any problems during my setup or testing.  This app works for me because I am constantly sharing data between my computer and iPad.  myPhoneDesktop provides a clear and direct way to transmit that data effectively.  There is no delay between the time I hit send on my computer and when my iPad receives the data.  I like searching the web for iPad wallpapers and I can now easily transfer any picture to my iPad instantly through this service.

The app works great with your iPhone as well.  I reviewed myPhoneDesktop on our sister site and you can check it out here.

I am also a fan of sending URL links from my computer to my iPad and I like the fact I can save it to the clipboard or open it immediately in Safari to view.  The push notifications work great and alerts you of the type of data transferred to your iPad.

My hope is for Google Voice support in the future and maybe an option for a URL shortener.  I believe this app is a must buy for anyone who likes to share data from their computer to their iPad.

myPhoneDesktop is available for $1.99 in the App Store and the Desktop Client is available for Free.

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  1. Very useful app, thanks! Makes copying and pasting files to and fro quite a bit easier than the way I had been doing so previously. I was just e-mailing myself tons of stuff back and forth before.

    These are the kind of apps that are truly indispensable. iPhone and iPad in one universal file is terrific.

  2. This all could be done with Bluetooth. But that would make it harder to capture all you lifes activities or disrupt the ability to add fees once you get used to using the product. Data is erased from secured service sure just like the airport scan don;t save images of your naked bod

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