Review – NFL Flick Quarterback HD for iPad

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NFL Flick Quarterback HD for iPad

NFL Flick Quarterback HD is the latest new iPad sports app from Full Fat Games. It’s a game that’s all about being a quarterback and honing your passing skills.

Here’s a bit of its App Store intro:

Featuring all 32 official NFL teams, play the most addictive football game on mobile!
NFL Flick Quarterback is the first game to put the guts and glory of offensive passing in your hands. Be the QB of your favorite team – pass to receivers, dodge defenders and make amazing trick shots.
The incredible flick and ‘after-touch’ controls that have made users across the world love Flick Golf and Flick Soccer are now powering this awesome football-throwing experience.

I recently did a review of Flick Golf Extreme HD for iPad, which has been my favorite iPad game for some time. So of course when I saw NFL Flick Quarterback HD hit the App Store it took me around one second to decide to install it. Because I ‘m such a big fan of Flick Golf Extreme, I had high hopes for this new game – and I’m happy to say I haven’t been disappointed.


Here are some of the game’s key features:

•Complete passes to try for the highest score in Playmaker
•Face your opponents, avoiding their intelligent movement and interception skills
•Play during the day or night, and even take on the natural elements – can you stand up to the wind like the toughest of NFL QBs?
•Pick your favorite team and customize your jersey name and number to become the QB you’ve always dreamed of becoming
•Play among beautifully rendered 3D stadium environments
•More than 120 unique football player animations
•Dancing cheerleaders before the game
•Game Center leaderboards and achievements
•Stunning high resolution graphics
•Enhanced for iPad 2

You start out by entering your name and picking an NFL team. I’m a life long Cowboys fan so I chose them.

NFL Flick Quarterback HD for iPad

Once you’ve picked your team you start with a Basic Skills tutorial where you learn things like swiping the top of the screen to survey the field (in Playmaker mode), flicking to throw the ball and how the straighter the flick is the better the spiral is.

The modes in the game are:

Basic Skills: the place to practice and refine your skills.

Playmaker: Try to rack up as many great passes and touchdowns as you can against an opposing defense. Each time you try it you’ll be faced by a different random opponent from among the other NFL teams apart from your own. You get 3 lives to start with, and lose on each time your are sacked or throw an interception. You can also gain one back if you make some great plays.

Trick Shot: In this mode you try to throw the ball into a ‘bucket’ (large trash can). You start out trying to get it in from 15 yards away with no wind. With each successful throw the bucket moves a yard farther away. As you move up in distance the wind steadily picks up and you have to adjust for it successfully in order to stay alive. In this mode you get a maximum of four downs (four throws) at each distance to try to get the football into the bucket. If you can’t get it in in four, you’re done.

Trick Shot XL: This mode builds on Trick Shot – but this time the objective is to knock buckets over by throwing the ball into them. You start out throwing at one bucket, then two, then three, and so on. When you’re throwing at multiple buckets you get an indicator of which one you need to throw into to knock over the most buckets – so it now requires passing accuracy and a bit of almost bowling like skills. In this mode you’ve got 3 lives again (each missed throw takes one away) to get the highest score you can.

Once you get through the first Basic Skills level you’re a Rookie. As you reach high scores in any of the modes you level up to Playmaker, Hotshot, MVP, Veteran and … (I haven’t got there yet). If you advance in one mode, your new status applies in all modes.


— The flicking action to throw is very natural right off the bat and things like throwing straighter and adjusting to the wind feel right and come along steadily as well as you play it more.

— I’ve found Playmaker mode – against defenders – to be the most challenging and also the most enjoyable. It’s fun learning to avoid rushers and working at your timing to get the ball to receivers in tighter windows.

NFL Flick Quarterback HD for iPad

— All the modes are good fun though. I’m slightly obsessed with Trick Shot mode right now – the farthest out I’ve got so far is 44 yards and I keep coming back to it to try to better that.

NFL Flick Quarterback HD for iPad

— The visuals in the game are excellent throughout. It’s big fun seeing your QB at the beginning of a new game with your name on his jersey, especially when it’s in your favorite team’s uniform. The elaborate touchdown dances by your receivers when you throw a TD are also good fun.


— A nice little touch is that when you’re made to wait at all when switching modes or loading a new game, the loading screen shows cool trivia facts about your team and the NFL in general.


Very few to speak of. One wish list item of mine is for a bit more variety in the game sounds. There’s quite a small number of announcer comments that are all pretty standard phrases. A wider range and with a little more creativity and fun injected would be welcome. More crowd noise and cheering would also add some atmosphere.

I’m tempted to suggest that some ability to choose what you’re going to do (short, medium, long routes etc) in Palymaker mode might be nice – but I think the simple nature of each of the modes is one of the game’s attractions.


NFL Flick Quarterback HD is another touchdown for Full Fat Games. It’s fun and intuitive to play, but challenging enough to keep you coming back for lots of replays in each of its modes.

It’s a game that can serve as a good time-killer for five minutes while you’re in a waiting room (or at commercial breaks when watching TV) and is also plenty compelling enough to play for much longer stretches.

Here’s an App Store link for NFL Flick Quarterback HD; it’s priced at $4.99.

Disclosure: This app was independently purchased by the post author. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the "About" page. 

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  1. Truth is there is very little skill involved. Interceptions are predictable and if you get intercepted, your next pass has a 80/20 chance of being intercepted. Mainly, play with the flick motion to see you really aren’t controlling much. Also beware that once your score tops 900k, the motion to dodge a rush becomes more difficult. I’ve had the game ignore good input (you can see the swipe motion on the screen) and get sacked.

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