Review: NFL Kicker HD for iPad

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NFL Flick Kicker HD

NFL Kicker HD, as the name suggests,  gives you a chance to take on the role of an NFL kicker (and punter). The game has you testing your skills at both field goal kicking and punting in a number of different challenge modes, from belting long field goals in windy conditions to trying angle punts out of bounds just shy of the end zone.

This is the latest iPad sports game from Full Fat Games, who are also the makers of NFL Flick Quarterback HD, Flick Soccer HD, and Flick Golf Extreme HD. All three of those are favorites of mine and excellent iPad games. Hit the break to see why this is yet another stellar game from Full Fat Games …

NFL Flick Kicker HD for iPad


Here’s a portion of the opening description for the game on its App Store page:

Become an NFL Kicker! Choose your team, customize your player and get ready for the ultimate placekicker game.
Depth of play includes PUNTING coffin corner kicks, placekicking FIELD GOALS and MORE across five game modes!
Legendary football flick and ‘after-touch’ controls from Full Fat as seen in NFL Flick Quarterback, featured by Apple in Benchmark games and Intuitive controls.
Awesome graphics set in the Super Bowl XLVI themed Lucas Oil Stadium featuring you as the kicker, the placekick holder, officials, cheerleaders and the most detailed field artwork in a kicker game yet!

The game starts you off with a quick Basic Skills tutorial that familiarizes you with the flicking controls and how to kick the ball and bend and change its direction while it’s in flight. Then you can start playing your way through the game’s main challenges modes. If you’ve played NFL Flick Quarterback HD then a lot of this will be very familiar.

NFL Kicker HD is priced at $0.99.


— As always with Full Fat’s Flick games, the controls are intuitive and superb to use – and with practice you can become more and more accurate with your kicks and adept at changing the course of a kick as needed whilst its in the air.

— Each of the game’s modes is fun and challenging in its own way. The modes are:

In the Zone: You’re given five lives to kick as many field goals as you can from increasing distances and with frequently changing and increasing strong wind conditions.

Coffin Corner: Punt the ball out of bounds as close to the end zone as possible. You get 10 kicks, alternating between aiming for the left and right corners. You can achieve the highest scores if you hit the multiplier targets right in each corner.

Coffin Corner

Time Attack: Kick against the clock, land as many field goals as you can in 60 seconds. If you hit the scorebands inside the posts you get added time; if you clear those in order you get major bonus points.

Hit the Uprights: Just as the name says – you have to hit the left or right uprights as many times as you can.

Coffin Corner Pro: The same as Coffin Corner, but punting from longer distances.

— Trying to hit the Scorebands and the multiplier targets adds to the fun and challenge level.


NFL Flick Kicker HD iPad game

— The kickers have got funky dance routines just like wide receivers in NFL Flick Quarterback HD – and not like kickers in the NFL at all.

Kicker Dance

— The graphics are great – from the cheerleaders dancing before the game to the fireworks when you hit the target in Hit the Uprights mode.

Hit the Uprights


— The scoring seems a little buggy to me in the Coffin Corner modes. I’ve had several sessions where I hit the X5 multiplier target more than five times and the final score showed just one. And other times where the points earned would show immediately after completing a kick, but then wouldn’t get added to the overall score.


NFL Flick Kicker HD is another stellar iPad game in the Full Flat ‘Flick’ series. The game offers superb controls, a good variety of modes and challenges, and fun and impressive graphics. As with all the Full Fat Flick games, this one is great for a quick play when you’ve got five minutes to kill or for longer sessions when you’ve got time available.

Here’s an App Store link for NFL Flick Kicker HD.

Disclosure: This game was independently purchased by the post author. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the "About" page. 

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