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A few months ago the Omni Study App was released and looked to capture a new segment of the education market. It was soon recognized by the App Store as a best new app. Needless to say, any writer would be excited to review such an app, and I was too. Unfortunately, the results were disappointing and buggy to say the least.

The whole idea of this app is to create an environment that allows students to manage their classes and grades. This seems like it would be fairly simple to do, but Omni Study didn’t utilize the opportunity the way it should have.

The interface seems very simple at first. The app opens to a list of your upcoming classes, and at the bottom there is a tab for your classes and goals. The interface for entering a class is the first disappointment. You can only begin a class at a time of the denomination of five – :05, :10, and so on. As one can assume, not every class you have starts at one of these times. This begs the question, why wouldn’t you just use the iOS Calendar app which allows you to start an event at any time? This completely nullifies the possibly great feature of syncing between the app and your calendar.  In addition to this, I noticed one night my iPhone was telling me I had 43 events the next day. Perplexed, I opened my calendar and saw that Omni Study had somehow synched my classes five times each to my calendar. That was very disappointing to have such an issue.

The app also allows you to create goals and then set steps to completing them. This is an interesting concept but there are plenty of apps that do just that without all the other features that don’t work.

The way in which you view your class events again works against the app. It only allows a list view, which isn’t necessarily the best way to look things over. Perhaps a weekly view or daily view could solve this problem. Until that happens, there is again no reason to use this app over the calendar app to see which classes and events you have coming up.


Inputting your grades isn’t easy to set up, but can actually work ok once you set it up. You can record the teacher’s weighting systems and then input assignments and different assignment types. You can also use a total point system if your teacher chooses to grade in that fashion. However, these days schools are more and more moving to online grading systems which allow students to check their grades from a school set up website. This is another instance of the app trying to fix something that isn’t broken, unless you know all of your assignments ahead of time, because if you do, the app will tell you exactly what grade to need to get on the assignment in order to get such and such a grade in the class. This is a cool feature, but you don’t always know which assignments are coming up next or how much they will count for.

In the end this app is, unfortunately, an app of missed opportunity. It has a HUGE amount of potential, but just doesn’t deliver. The idea and concept is great, and the iOS7-esque design is the right idea, but the execution is where it is lacking. Maybe an overhaul by the developer could fix this in the future, but until then, there is no way I can recommend spending the $0.99 on this app unless you are direly lacking in other options for organizing your grades and school work.

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