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Race of Champions (ROC) Official Game is a moto racing game based on a real-life competition. The true Race of Champions, created in 1988, prides itself on being an international extreme race tournament which leaves motorists “free to battle, head-to-head, on the very same track in the very same car,” spectators watching every piece of the action in a large stadium surrounding the racetrack.

In order to get people excited about December’s upcoming Race of Champions in Dusseldorf, Germany, the company has created an iPad game that lets fans leave the stadium seats and get behind the wheel of this no-holds-barred racing competition.

Does it work? Not really.

I don’t blame the company for this, or the game’s co-publisher Invictus Games. The game is well made and doesn’t appear to be lazily constructed. As far as graphics quality goes, this game is top notch. It holds its own against better Playstation 2 or XBox racing games, such as NASCAR 2005: Chase For the Cup or Need for Speed Underground.

The environment the game plays in is pretty impressive for the iPad platform. A filled to-the-brim crowd of eager fans flashes its cameras at well-designed cars racing around a realistic track in order to survive tournament knockout. Everything looks fantastic and full of strong attention to detail.

The problem with this game is it’s boring.

This tournament has countless rounds and eliminations each player has to survive before he or she can even think about receiving the prized name of “Champion of Champions.” Racers are forced to go around the same track again and again, oftentimes with the exact same maneuvering of the iPad’s wheel-style game controls. Even so, I still found myself running into walls at almost every turn.

There are no difficulty settings to change, making it hard for racing novices like me to get used to the gameplay.

It’s also really difficult to unlock other locations. I found myself no longer wanting to try to after many failed attempts to survive a tournament round.

While I do respect the company’s attempt to recreate the true feeling of being in the Race of Champions, in the end the race itself is not that interesting. It’s like a digital version of go-cart racing – and I would much rather get behind the wheel of an actual go-cart then pretend to be behind one in this repetitive game.

Race of Champions may have put me on the track, but it didn’t make me care about crossing the finish line.

Here’s an App Store link for Race of Champions (ROC) Official Game; it’s currently priced at $4.99.

Disclosure: A promo code for this game was provided by Invictus Games. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the “About” page.

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