Review: Sports Illustrated Football Rivals HD for iPad

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Sports Illustrated Football Rivals HD for iPad

Sports Illustrated Football Rivals HD is a new iPad app that celebrates ten of the greatest football rivalries, from both pro and college football.

The ten rivalries covered are: Auburn vs Alabama, Texas vs Oklahoma, Ohio State/Michigan, Cowboys/Redskins, USC/Notre Dame, Packers/Bears, Florida/Georgia, Missouri/Kansas, Army/Navy, and Cal/Stanford.

Here’s the App Store elevator pitch for the app:

Sports Illustrated Football Rivals takes you deep inside 10 of football’s definitive rivalries, both college and professional. Stunning photography, compelling videos and moving photo montages narrated by Emmy nominated actor Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights’ coach Eric Taylor) enhance the inside stories as told by SI’s unmatched writers.

It’s a free app that is sponsored / ad-supported by Coke Zero.


— If you enjoy the rich history of these classic football rivalries, there is plenty of it in this app – which covers each rivalry from its very beginning right up to previews of this year’s games. One of my favorite rivalries covered is Texas vs. Oklahoma, and I love the photo of Texas Memorial Stadium (since re-named to Darrel K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium) as it was back in 1924. It’s fascinating how the city of Austin looked back then.

Sports Illustrated Football Rivals HD for iPad

Sports Illustrated Football Rivals HD for iPad

— The Timelines section of the app shows the entire length of the rivalry, color coded to show each year’s winner – and each rivalry has around ten popover sections with a few pages of stories and photos about an especially memorable year or era of the rivalry.

Sports Illustrated Football Rivals HD for iPad

Sports Illustrated Football Rivals HD for iPad

— There’s plenty of good coverage of the great players and coaches who have helped make these rivalries great.

Sports Illustrated Football Rivals HD for iPad

Sports Illustrated Football Rivals HD for iPad


— The By the Numbers Section shows all time records, largest margin of victory in the rivalry, longest win streak for each team, Hall of Famers and Heisman winners for each team and similar comparisons. It also has a slider bar at the bottom of the screen where you can drag to see the score of each game year by year throughout its history.

Sports Illustrated Football Rivals HD for iPad


— 8 out of 10 of the rivalries are from college football, so if you’re a big NFL fan you may not enjoy it as much. If you’re a fan of both, this probably won’t be a worry – though I think there some notable recent NFL rivalries that really should be included. Like the Ravens v Steelers and Colts v Patriots.

— There’s not much video in the app, and the videos included are not live action, but just video slide shows of still images. For some of the epic games and highlights from more recent years, it would be much better to see real video clips.


This is another nice effort from Sports Illustrated. It’s a vey good, short coffee table book style app for fans of great football rivalries. And especially for those who enjoy the history of the best in college football rivalries.

It would be even better if the coverage was a bit more balanced between college and pro football. Perhaps they can update this one and add content, though I wouldn’t bet on it.

Here’s an App Store link for Sports Illustrated Football Rivals HD; it’s a free, ad-supported app.

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  1. Nice review as always Patrick. Personally I’m not a huge fan of football but despite that it does look like a very well developed app overall.

    1. Thanks Darryl. It is a nicely done app. Perhaps they’ll do more standalone apps covering other sports in future.

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