Review: Terminology App for iPad

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Terminology app for iPad

The new Terminology app for the iPad touts itself as …

More than just a dictionary or thesaurus, Terminology is a browser for the English language

That’s a great description and the app sounded very promising when I first heard about it.  I’ve been trying it out a little recently and finding that the app lives up to the promising description.

Terminology for iPad

Here’s a little more detail from Terminology’s App Store page:

Both dictionary and thesaurus, Terminology is designed to make it easy to explore words and phrases, diving down to more and less specific terms — accessing the web for more detail.

Terminology is the perfect tool for anyone interested in honing their language. From writers working on the next great novel, to marketers crafting the perfect tagline.

Features include:
– Pleasant, book-like, readable interface.
– Offline use.
– Definitions, synonyms, antonyms.
– More and less specific words.
– Returns to last application state on launch.
– In-app web browser with quick links to look up terms at Wikipedia, Wiktionary and other sites.
– Star favorite words for quick access.
– History of terms browsed.

Terminology’s data is based on the Princeton University WordNet project.

Terminology is easy to get to know, very simple to use, and its attractive UI makes it a pleasure to use as well. 

You just enter a word or phrase you want to know more about and it starts to auto-populate choices for you as you type.  Tap on the one you’re after and you’ll see its definition/s, synonyms and antonyms.

You can easily hide or show the search pane via a single tap.  Information is presented well (good typography) and it’s nice to have the easy links out to web reference sources to hand.

The app does work very well when offline as well. 

Terminology is an instant favorite for me on the iPad.  It ticks off all the right boxes – a good, clear purpose, great design, and a pleasure to use.

I already like it a lot just for my own reference – and I know it’s going to prove a hugely useful tool for my daughter as well.  She’ll start second grade this Fall and she’s full of questions about lots of words and phrases that her mom and I throw around.

Definitely a keeper for me, and definitely one I’d highly recommend as well.

You can find Terminology in the App Store now, priced at $1.99 for only ‘a limited time’.

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12 thoughts on “Review: Terminology App for iPad”

  1. Sounds interesting Patrick (but I'm a sucker for almost any kind of word app!)

    Curious, what's the advantage of this app vs something like wordbook xl and it's thesaurus tab?



    1. Hi Rich – I'm afraid I don't have an answer for you, as I've never really fancied any dictionary apps on the iPad so haven't looked at any before this one. The design and UI on this one caught my eye so I gave it a shot, and I'm very glad I did.

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