Review – Yummly Recipes & Recipe Box for iPad

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Do you like to look for new recipes?

Yummly is an iPad app that allows you to browse through photographs of suggested recipes.  If you are looking for something specific, you can search for recipes by ingredients, dietary considerations, recipe course, etc.  When you find a recipe you like, you can save it and/or “Yum” it.  Share the recipes with your friends.

When you open the app, you are asked to sign in via Facebook or Google +.  You can skip this step, but you need to sign in to save the recipes.  In addition, you need to sign in to use the Yum button.  This is akin to a “Like” button on Facebook.  The Yum button tells the app what kind of recipes you are interested in to learn what types of recipes to show you.

I elected to sign in using Google +.  When you give it your Google password, you can set options as to whether or not you want the app to reach people in your circles.  I opted out of that.

The app has a very nice interface.  You are presented with photographs of suggested recipes.  Touch one of the photographs and you will be able to view the recipe.



You can look at Ingredients, Nutrition information and Directions.  The tabs for these contain useful information on the headings themselves.  The ingredients tab shows the count of the ingredients.  The Nutrition tab shows the calories.  The Directions tab shows the time it takes to create the recipe.  This is a nice feature that allows you to quickly determine if the recipe is worth looking further at.  Touch the Ingredients tab and you scroll through the ingredients.  Touch the Nutrition tab and view the nutrition information.

When you touch the Directions tab, you are shown the web page with the recipe.  There is a button to full screen the directions.


You can now browse the webpage and see the directions for the recipe.  You have not left the app.  (If you choose, you can browse the web page in the Safari app, but there is no need to).  When  you are done browsing, touch the  touch the back button (“<“) at the top and go back to where you were in the app.

When you go back to the recipe, you can choose to Save, Share or Yum the recipe.



The first button is the Save button.  Touch this and you can choose a collection (category) to save it to, e.g., desserts, sides, dinners, etc.  You can also create a new collection.

The next button is the Share button.  Share the recipe, via Email, SMS message, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google +.

The last button is the Yum button.  It shows the number of people who have also liked the recipe.

When you have finished looking at a recipe, touch the back button (“<“) and go back to the home screen of recipes.  The Home screen also has a Search feature (magnifying glass).  Start typing search text and you will be provided with suggestions.  You can search by ingredients, recipe course, nutritional items, etc.

In addition, there is a Menu button which will allow you to find the recipes you have saved and modify your settings.  To find the recipes you have saved, touch the menu button and touch My Yums.



This will show photos of the recipes you have saved.  You can further refine the recipes by the collection you have assigned it to.  Those collections will show on the left with the number of recipes in the collection.

Pros:  This is a beautiful app.  The navigation is very intuitive.  The photos are great.  I love that you do not go out of the app to view the web pages with the recipes.  I also like the useful information on recipe headings.  The Google + settings can be modified.

Cons:  If you sign in with Facebook, you have to give the app access to your friends list.

Yummly is a free app.  Here is the App Store link for Yummly.

Sheila Bigel

I am a retired Computer Programmer and Elementary School Teacher. I currently combine both of these experiences by volunteering to teach computers to Seniors at a local Senior Center. I specialize in iPad Courses, as I love the device.

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