Spout is the Prezi for social network feeds

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I was introduced to Spout at the start of the week and it was one of those apps that I was immediately wowed by. Pictures won’t really do it justice, it’s the movement and animation that really sell this app. The way to describe it is it is rather like watching a Prezi of your social network feeds.

Upon launching the app, you can configure your social network feeds and attach Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Instagram. Within this you can opt to display certain hashtags. If, for example you put #ipaded into the stream, Spout will only display tweets with this hashtag. As well as this, you can add custom text which will animate. It could be used as a message if your iPad is connected to a screen for example.

After you have attached whichever social networks you use, you then have a variety of options to choose different themes, animation styles, and even an option for ‘camera jiggle’, if motion sickness is your thing.

I’ve been using Spout in my classroom to display Twitter feeds relevant to what we are studying. I find that it helps give the students a global view of what we are looking at. Where Spout really hits the spot is that it is so graphically alluring it really draws attention to your iPad screen. I could imagine it would be really useful for businesses using Twitter to have a crowd pleasing display in their shop or office.


Spout has got a really nice clean design and I’m impressed with the fact that it is so non cluttered. The themes have been well thought out and it is certainly an app worth looking at if you have cause to display social network feeds.

Spout is available in the App Store here priced at $1.99.

Disclosure: I purchased Spout with my own hard earned money.

James Potter

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