Tidy Kids for iPad: Nice New Kids & Family App that Might Even Reduce Screen Time

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Tidy Kids iPad app

I don’t usually agree to look at apps that are aimed at very young kids, because my daughter is 10 (going on 30 in some ways, and spot on at 10 in others) and I don’t feel like I can give them a fair assessment.

Today I made an exception because Tidy Kids just seems like such a nice idea for an iPad app aimed at 3-6 year olds and families. It’s an app that’s fun, educational, has no ads or In-App purchases, and actually encourages time away from the device screen as the major part of the game.

Oh, and it’s got some stunning plasticine graphics and stop-motion animation too. Even though I’ve got no 3-6 year olds in the house, having spent 30 minutes with the app I’d bet this is going to have great appeal with that age group and their parents.

Tidy Kids

Here’s how the game is played with 2-4 players:

1) Put the iPad on the floor – Players sit around the iPad, like a board game.
2) Each player picks an animal character. Choose from the Panda, Butterfly, …
3) Press the green arrow to start.
4) The first player uses their finger to “spin” the tidy-task wheel.
5) When the wheel stops, you get your “tidy-up task”.
6) When ready, press the arrow to start the timer. The action happens in the room, not on the screen! Get up and complete your task before the music stops!
* If the wheel stops on “The Lazy Lump” you miss your turn.
* Can you do the Jolly Wombat Dance?

Tippy Toes

And some more details on things to like about this app:

— A Family Game – this app isn’t meant to be a screen-time filler for kids while the grownups relax option. It’s one for the whole family to enjoy. I’m certain that my wife and daughter and I would have got great mileage out of this when our girl was in the target age group.

— Teaches and Encourages Activity: makes tidying up fun and helps with action and agility. And you should end up with a clean room when the game’s over.

Tidy Kids for iPad

Here’s an App Store link for Tidy Kids for iPad; it’s a free app.

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