Todo for iPad – Great Looking To-do App at a Great Price

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Todo for iPad

Todo for iPad is a great looking and full-featured to-do app for the iPad and iPhone, with good desktop and online sync options …

I’m a huge fan of to-do apps.  I rely heavily on task lists to manage my work and even much of my life in general. Todo for iPad is the first task manager app that has really caught my eye in quite a while, as I already have a solution that works very well for me in this area (Things).

I liked the look and sound of the app so much when I saw its iPad version released, that I’ve been trying it out for a couple of days.

Lovely Looks

After spending some time with Todo for iPad I have to say I think it’s an excellent app.  It looks wonderful on the iPad.  It really embraces one of Apple’s design goals for iPad apps – bringing an effective real world metaphor to its UI; with its Planner look and feel. This theme is carried through even in small elements like the little pocket shown on the Sync settings page …

Todo iPad app

The UI isn’t just pretty though – it’s very easy and comfortable to work with.

Feature Rich

Todo is packed with strong features for staying on top of all your tasks, projects, and lists.  Here are some of its key features, via its App Store page:

✔ Real Planner-like Interface Built for iPad!
✔ Multiple Binder & Paper Choices (more coming)
✔ Compatible with Todo™ for iPhone and iPod touch
✔ Sync with iCal (Wi-Fi required)
✔ Sync with Outlook (Wi-Fi and Outlook 2003 or newer required)
✔ Sync with
✔ Task reminder alerts (Wi-Fi or 3G network required)
✔ Projects and Checklists (with subtasks)
✔ Notes on tasks with clickable phone numbers and URLs
✔ Manage multiple tasks at once with multi-select
✔ Full Calendar Due Date Chooser
✔ Manual Sorting
✔ Contact and Email Integration
✔ Full Task Searching (including notes)
✔ GTD Support with Contexts and Tags
✔ Repeating Tasks
✔ Quick Add Task Entry
✔ Task Sharing via Email (Import back into Todo)
✔ Customizable App Badge Count
✔ TextExpander™ touch snippet expansion support (SmileOnMyMac, LLC)
✔ Excellent Customer Support

Todo app on iPad

A couple things that stood out for me while trying out the app are:

— It’s easy to create a normal (single) task or a checklist or project task very quickly. The checklist and project types are especially useful and nicely done.

Todo task manager app for iPad

— It looks great in landscape and portrait and is nice to work with.

A Very Strong Candidate If You’re After a To-do App for the iPad (or iPhone)

If you’re looking for a good to-do / tasks app for the iPad or iPhone, Todo is well worth considering.  It’s got a great UI, a very strong set of features, and good sync options.

I won’t be switching to it – as I have a lot of time and money invested in Things on the Mac, the iPhone, and iPad.  I’m used to working with it, and it suits my style of working well.  I also prefer having a full desktop app as a sync partner, rather than Outlook (which I don’t use) or iCal as Todo offers.  But I enjoyed trying out Todo and think it will be a killer app for lots of users.


It is also priced very attractively right now, at just $4.99 as a ‘launch sale’.  If you’re interested, you may want to check it out soon, before that price goes up.

You can find Todo for iPad in the App Store now.

Version Reviewed: 3.6.1

*** This app was independently purchased by the post author in the App Store. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the "About" page. 

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4 thoughts on “Todo for iPad – Great Looking To-do App at a Great Price”

  1. I just downloaded it for my iPad, I also downloaded Toodledo for iPad. I use Appigio sync on my iMac and Busycal for my calendar. I am having a lot of difficulties. I can't get the Appigio sync to see the iPad as a device to authorize it. Todo syncronization tab in settings has Appigo Sync as a service but it gives me a Passcode to use in Appigo Sync preferences with the iPad device but since I can't get the device recognized it is all in vain.

    There is no help or phone number to call for help. Their support page goes into using and changing settings in Airport but this is really not a friendly way for non experienced users. I do hope they come up with a solution since this program is really not ready for consumer use.

    Hopefully someone in support will see this comment and reply to me.

    S Weiner

    1. Hey Sandy – I just tried out the Appigo Sync stuff just in case I might be able to help. It works just fine for me. I know that doesn't help you. First question is are the iPad and your iMac both definitely on the same local WiFi network?

  2. You can also use ToodleDo for syncing. It bypasses the Appigo Syn iPad non recognition problem and is much simpler to use

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