Todoist: Simply the Best To-do App

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Todoist iPad app

Todoist is a fantastic and gorgeous to-do list or task management app for the iPad and iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows, and web browsers. Its iPad app just came out a little over a week ago and I installed it that same day. Within 24 hours of starting with it, I had signed up for a premium account, installed the Mac app, and switched over entirely to Todoist across all my devices.

For me, that’s a big deal – as I rely heavily on a great task management app to run my work and life. I’m not a big power user of calendar apps, but managing tasks is something I’m obsessive about and focused on day in and day out.

I’ve used a lot of to-do and task management apps over the years – everything from Outlook Tasks and OneNote, to Pocket Informant on Windows Mobile, to Remember the Milk and Toodledo online and on the iPhone, to Things and OmniFocus on the iPad and the Mac, and most recently Wunderlist due mainly to its cross platform (Android and iOS) capabilities. So it takes a lot for an app in this category to impress me. In fact, even more these days, because now I want an app that works great on Mac, iOS, and Android.

Todoist Add Task

And Todoist has knocked my socks off from Day 1. Here are some of the reasons why:

— It has a minimalist, ultra-clean and just plain beautiful UI – and that’s the case everywhere that I’m using it. On the iPad, on my iMac, on my Galaxy Note 2 and now on a new Nexus 7 as well. And though I don’t need it often, the web app is more of the same. Just superb interface design all around.

—  It’s far more than just a pretty face though. It offers a great set of powerful features too. The free version of the iOS app offers these features:

• Synchronize your tasks across all your devices!
• Save your todo list to the cloud (
• Add and manage unlimited tasks and sub-tasks
• Get organized with powerful features such as due dates, recurring dates, sub-tasks, task priorities, and colored projects
• Organize tasks into projects and sub-projects
• Access your task manager while being offline

I have opted for the premium account (available via In-App purchase for $29) – which brings  additional features including these:

▸ Set up and receive reminders through SMS, email, or push notifications
▸ Get even more organized using task notes, colorable labels, and powerful filters
▸ Track and improve your productivity on

— Sync works effortlessly and super fast across all devices – Android, iOS, and Mac.

— It makes it easy and elegant to handle things like insertion of dates for tasks and recurring tasks. For instance when entering a due date you can just enter Today, Tomorrow, Wednesday, or ‘every day’. With recurring tasks you can use ‘every’ and ‘after’ as starting points and easily create tasks for every 4th Friday, for example, or for every Monday starting August 5th. It’s also very quick and easy to postpone and adjust due dates.

— It offers a very nice set of default views to see what’s on your plate tasks-wise. These include Today; 7 Days; tasks by Priority 1,2,3,4; and tasks with no due date.Of course you can also look at tasks for each project and filter by labels as well.

— Todoist sends a daily digest email – with a listing of to-dos for the day.

Todoist iPad Portrait
Before using Todoist I had believed for a long time that the Things app was the most beautiful task manager app I’d ever seen and OmniFocus was the most powerful and effective. The Todoist UI is even more attractive than Things and it’s sill got all the power user features I want (though it may not have as many as OmniFocus).

Todoist is simply the best to-do app I’ve seen – for me the perfect blend of the best features and capabilities of all those other apps I’ve used before.

Here’s an App Store link for Todoist; it’s a universal app designed for both the iPad and iPhone and a free app with an In-App purchase option for a premium account as mentioned above.

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11 thoughts on “Todoist: Simply the Best To-do App”

  1. Looking forward to trying this out. Currently using a combination of Evernote (Personal) and Trello (Working with Others). I’m ready for something besides evernote. Even with all the different notebooks, tags, search features, etc, it still seems a little to chaotic to me.

  2. Jonathan – thanks for the kind words. It really is a great app.

    Curtis – I think you’ll like this app a lot. I love Evernote for many purposes, but not as a day in, day out task manager app.

    1. Enjoying the app quite a bit so far. One quick question, with the premium edition, for the task reminders via email or SMS, can you specify the time or just the date?

      1. Glad you’re enjoying it. I haven’t really been using that feature at all. Just took a quick look at settings for it, and I think it’s just geared to use the date, but not 100% sure.

  3. I wanted to try out this app after you posted about it the other day. Unfortunately, I’m living in the “dark ages” with my iPad 1, and I couldn’t get this app to download with my iOS.

    Anyhow, though, I recently started using an app called Wunderlist and am really enjoying it so far.

    I don’t think it has quite as many features as todoist, but it has a lot more than the list app I was using, so I’m staying more organized now than I was before!



    1. Hi Mary. I was actually using Wunderlist for a couple months before switching to Todoist. It is a good app and works well across Android and iOS.

      Hope you make it out the dark ages soon. :)

  4. Patrick,
    This is the most on-target review I have seen all year. I have been a religious user of RTM for years (since their web app was quick and was a prime example of Web 2.0 at it’s finest) and welcomed the iPad makeover & Evernote reminders integration. However, the lack of sub-tasks (and ability to create reminders for each subtask) was killing me. I have tried at least a dozen others and have been trying Wunderlist (especially because of their new chrome off-line update) & todoist. My only 2 wishes are the ability to collapse subtasks (it looks a little noisy) and improve the iPhone interface but overall, this is the best app. It’s quick, powerful, but not too complicated.
    Thank you!

    1. Peter – thanks for the very kind words. I’m glad to hear the review was helpful to you. As mentioned in the post I’m an obsessive user of task lists to manage work and life and this app continues to be an absolute star. I use the heck out of it very day across a desktop Mac, iPad, an Android device, and a Windows laptop. Just a stellar app on all of those.

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