Trivia by Sporcle, Best Trivia App Ever, Hits the iPad

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Trivia by Sporcle, the artist formerly known as just Sporcle when it was just an iPhone app, got an update this week and is now a universal app with full iPad support.

It’s based on the trivia quiz website It’s also easily my favorite trivia app, largely because it is just so different to any other I’ve seen. For starters, it’s much more challenging than most because it is never multiple choice – it always forces you to know the answers.

It’s also not a single question at a time or a small set of questions; instead it is a superb set of listing-style challenges. There’s a very wide variety in terms of types of lists you’re challenged with filling in. Here are just a few examples from recent days’ content in the app: Bands by Synonyms (name the bands given a list of synonymous names), American Newspaper Suffixes, Premier League Team that have Scored 7+ Goals in a Match, US Cities Top 200 (name the 200 most populous cities and towns in the US).

The range of categories is also good and broad; it includes Entertainment, Geography, History, Literature, Movies, Music, Sports, Television and more.

So if you’re a movie buff, for instance, you’ll see challenges like 60 Second Blitz: Pixar Movies, Best Picture by Plot (name the movie that won Best Picture given its IMDB plot description), Biggest Films Biggest Stars (name the stars of the films with the highest worldwide box office grosses), and Box Office Top 50: 2000’s (name the highest grossing movies of the 2000’s.

I enjoy lots of the categories on offer but my big favorite is sports. The challenges are just great if you’re sports trivia buff. Some of my favorites include BCS National Champs (a very short one of course), Consecutive MVP Awards (name winners of consecutive MVPs in the four major US sports), NCAA Team Names (NFL MVPs, Wimbledon Winners (since 1960), NBA Career Scoring Leaders, and the 500 Home Run Club.


All of the quizzes are timed, and when you finish each you’re shown your total score and percentage correct. There’s also a cool Stats section at the bottom of each quiz’s page – where it shows your latest score and where you rank, in percentile terms, amongst all those who have taken that quiz.

Another of the app’s best features is that it is updated every day with new content. Between the daily fresh content and the fact that many of the quizzes are hard enough to do several times over, you can easily rack up lots of hours with this app. I give it a go several days a week at a minimum.

Even when this was just an iPhone app I’d been playing it for ages on the iPad in 2X mode, so of course I’m happy to see it now has a proper iPad version.

Here’s an App Store link for Trivia by Sporcle; it’s priced at $1.99.

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