TweetMag – Beautiful Twitter News Magazine for the iPad

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TweetMag iPad app

TweetMag is a very different – and gorgeous – sort of Twitter-related app for the iPad. It is not a Twitter client app though – you can’t compose a new tweet from it and it’s not intended as a client app at all. It’s more of a Twitter news magazine.

Here’s what it sets out to be:

TweetMag is a social magazine that reduces the noise that often plagues Twitter. It transforms Twitter into beautiful magazines of articles and media that people are tweeting about most. It’s like making a personal editorial team out of the people, lists and tags you follow.

It’s not just for your own feed either. TweetMag’s curated categories make it easy to explore and discover content outside your social network. Interested in tech gadgets? Check out a list, a user or company that tweets about it. Want to catch up on breaking stories? Load a TweetMag of your favorite news organization. The possibilities and content streams are only limited by your interests and imagination.

TweetMag for iPad
And a little more detail on features:

It takes discovery further by letting you see the TweetMag of anyone you like. Just tap on a username, load their mag and you’ll instantly see the articles and videos they’ve been tweeting about. TweetMag also lets you save as many favorites as you like. Just tap, hold and drag them to your rack for easy access from anywhere inside the app.

• Explore your own TweetMag based on the people you follow
• Search hashtags and lists to explore content outside of your network
• Browse curated TweetMags and trending terms
• Full articles stream into the application and can be tweeted, emailed or added to Instapaper
• Play video seamlessly from feeds
• Related tweets can be viewed and interacted with in context of articles
• Add any TweetMag to a rack that’s accessible with one simple swipe

The app is definitely lovely to look at. The page layouts, typography, and images within the app make it a real pleasure to spend time with. Many people are comparing it to Flipboard – another major social magazine that has been named the iPad App of the Year by Apple. It is similar in that they both have excellent layouts and feel like magazines – but it covers Twitter only, whereas Flipboard has a broader focus.

It’s easy to find lots of good content to convert into a TweetMag magazine. There is a Categories section with lots of sub-sections so you can choose the topics that interest you most to follow. The interface is great for adding new magazines to your own personal Favorites bar – you just tap and drag up to the bar at the top and add sections for things you most like to follow.


Favorites Bar

The magazine sections look great …


And so do individual articles …



Although you can’t compose new tweets, you can reply and retweet others’ items. There is a save to Instapaper option but no ability to favorite a tweet, which is rather a big miss – but hopefully something that will be added in an update soon.

For those who are finding that they look to Twitter more and more for their news (and especially breaking news) and interesting web links, this a great medium for taking that all in.

You can find TweetMag in the App Store now, priced at $4.99.

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4 thoughts on “TweetMag – Beautiful Twitter News Magazine for the iPad”

  1. dead on arrival. flipboard sufficiently covers tweetmags functionality and is free versus $4.99. Flipboard also supports tweeting. While tweetmag has some additional features, I seriously doubt its enough to overcome the tremendous price difference. Not sure why any company would decide to go toe to toe with the 800 lbs gorilla with only a bow and arrow that costs way more than the shotgun.

    1. I disagree. I don't believe this app is trying to go head-to-head with Flipboard. Its focus is clearly on Twitter only, and the app is extremely well executed. I believe it may do very well in the App Store and that there's plenty of room for both TweetMag and Flipboard.

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