Quick Look: Weafo sharing utility for iPad

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We all have the need to transfer files between our devices from time to time.  Sometimes it’s easy, and we have a number of viable options available to us.  Other times, not so much.  Perhaps our files are too large, or too many in number for the usual methods we use.  For times like these we now have a new option available to us, and it’s called Weafo.  Well, actually it’s called Weafo – Transfer voice memos, pages, keynote, csv files and other contents instantly via WiFi, but we’ll just call it Weafo for short.

The premise is simple.  With iOS 8, you now have the ability to share files, pictures, voice memos, etc via Apple’s new extension share feature.  Some of the more notable features in Weafo include…

  •  No need to open any app, just use iOS8 Share Extension to transfer files.
  •  Transfer everything: Excel, pdf, word, power point, link, text, map, image, contacts, notes, sound, video etc…
  •  Easy to Use: No need to install app on your computer(or other devices) just open a browser and enter the IP address Weafo gives you.
  •  LARGE Size Files: Transfer large size files fast and simple
  •  Cable Free: Transfer files to your computer without using USB cable.
  •  Group Transfer: You can transfer files to more than one device simultaneously.
  •  Weafo Compression: If you want more speed, if you want to stay organized, Weafo compresses several files into a single ZIP archive for you.
  •  Safe transfer: You can set a password before start transferring to prevent strangers access your data.


To get started, first download Weafo to your iPad.  Your interaction with the app itself is pretty much over at this point unless you want to go back and take a look at a tutorial for reference.  Once you have installed the app, go ahead and open any other app that uses the new sharing feature.  For demonstrative proposes here, I’ll  use the Photos App to share a recent picture I took for a review.


To make Weafo available as an app that you can share to, you need to first select the share button in the bottom left corner, and then choose “more.”  Next, a window containing all available apps to share between is displayed.  Here you can toggle sharing within those apps either on or off, in addition to reordering how they appear in the sharing dialogue.


When Weafo is selected, a menu is displayed offering two options.  To view the shared items on another device, simply add either option into the browser bar on the device you would like to share to.  In addition, you can also choose to set a username and password that will have to be entered on the receiving device to start the transfer.

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In the short amount of time I spent using Weafo, I noticed a couple of observations/limitations to the service. When you are sharing between devices they have to be on the same local Wi-fi network–not really that big of a surprise, but definitely a bummer if you wanted to send something home for viewing later, or you had wanted to share with another individual who was not on the same Wi-fi network you currently were signed in on. Secondly,  I was not successful in my attempts to share from my iPad to my computer.  I’m not sure why yet either.  I tried various browsers, and I entered both sharing addresses that were provided separately to see if there was an issue with one over the other.  Something tells me it’s a simple fix, or a setting I need to adjust because it worked flawlessly between my iPad and my iPhone 6 Plus.

All in all, I’d still say it’s definitely worth your time to give it a try.  Here’s an App Store link for Weafo; it’s currently on sale for a limited amount of time for the great price of FREE in the App Store.  Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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