Weather HD 2 for iPad Released – Gorgeous Weather App Adds Impressive New Features

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Weather HD 2 for iPad

Weather HD 2 for the iPad and iPhone has been released on the App Store today. This is a huge update to the already outstanding Weather HD app. Or, as its developers say, a brand new ground-breaking release. Bringing amazing new design and revolutionary new features.

The new Version is 2.0.0 for those  scoring at home, and it really is packed with great new features. This has been my favorite iPad weather app ever since it first hit the App Store back in 2010. It has always boasted a beautiful, simple UI and striking video imagery, and was a repeat selection in our list of Best iPad Apps of 2011.

Here’s the change list for this huge update:
● New stunning weather animations.
● 3D Weather Maps, like you have never seen before.
● QuickView to see the weather at multiple locations at once.
● Severe Alerts with Push Notifications (USA & Europe).
● Social: see your friends’ weather and share yours.
● MultiForecast: add Accuweather & MeteoGroup with in-app purchase.

Weather HD 2 for iPad

I installed the new update this morning and have been playing around with the new features. I’m very impressed with them. As mentioned above, the app already offered a simple and gorgeous UI. Now it has bolted on some welcome new features while keeping the app easy on the eyes and easy to use. Here’s a little more detail on, and screencaps of, some of these nice new features:

The severe weather details are now highlighted better within the app via a red bar across the top of the screen.

The new Maps views are very striking, though not as detailed as some of the other powerhouse weather apps.

Weather HD 2 iPad app

You can now choose to get weather forecast information from multiple sources. The default that’s already built into the app is Weather Underground. AccuWeather and MeteoGroup can be added via In-App purchase for $0.99 and $1.99 per year, respectively. It’s easy to toggle between the different forecasts with a single tap, just as you’ve always been able to switch between daily and hourly forecast details.

Weather HD 2 iPad app

The QuickView mode to show multiple locations in one screen is very nicely done.

Weather HD 2 iPad app

The new social / sharing elements are quite nice as well. You can now easily share your current local weather via Facebook and Twitter and see what the weather is like for friends round the world.


I’ve even discovered the name of my little neighborhood in Southwest Austin because of this update. After installing the update it prompted to use my location and I allowed it of course. It then showed ‘Kincheonville’ as the location. I’d never heard that name before and even though it might be some default location – but a quick web search revealed that it’s the name of the specific little area of Austin I live in. Nice one Weather HD 2.

I’m a little surprised this has been released as an update to the existing app. I think many publishers might have opted to release this as a brand new app – so existing Weather HD should be doubly happy to see this substantial update. Hopefully lots of us will support the app further through In-App purchases of the additional forecasts.

All in all, this is a very significant and impressive update. The best simple weather app for the iPad just got a whole lot better.

Here’s an App Store link for Weather HD 2; it’s priced at just $0.99 and is a universal app designed for both iPad and iPhone.

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  1. It is a shame they didn’t make it a new app as then people who were happy with the features of original would not be stuck with an update badge on their appstore icon when they chose not to pay for unwanted features on an app they have already bought.

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