Worst Apps Ever: i.Business Magazine

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OK, if you want the short story – as the post title suggests, this is a terrible app. In fact it is the single worst newspaper / magazine title I’ve seen in the App Store – and I’ve seen a lot.

It’s  a shame because the actual concept of the magazine itself is one that interests me a lot. As you’ll see below, it focuses on Apple products as business solutions. Here’s its App Store intro:

i.Business Magazine—the only Apple-related business magazine on the market. Other Apple-based magazines and publications focus on retail and consumer products while i.Business is the only magazine that focuses on Apple business & enterprise solutions for end-users who are using Apple technology, or for those looking to switch.

The team behind i.Business Magazine have decades of experience in the Apple Business & Education communities. We strive to cover as many vertical markets as possible, which include, but are not limited to, Retail, ERP, CAD, Real Estate, Legal, Scientific Computing, Medical, Automotive, Manufacturers, Accounting/Finance, Print & Graphics and Security & Surveillance. We’re also here to assist those Windows users looking to switch over to Apple technology for their business needs.

Our articles take a solutions-based approach to productivity and workflow management with lots of tips & tricks written by industry leaders with years of experience and proven track records.


i.Business Magazine is a free app and you’re offered your choice of one free issue on first launch, out of three issues currently available.

Each issue is priced at a steep $5.99 – with subscription offers of three issues for $9.99 and six issues for $17.99.

I looked at Issue 1 (taken as my free issue) and Issue 3 (purchased). Issue 1 is listed as 40 pages, Issue 3 is listed as 48 pages. These numbers are misleading though, as the issues are chock full of full page ads. The real page count for each is likely about half of what’s listed.



The Settings portion of the app lets you toggle on or off receiving emails from the publisher, emails from other partners, and new issue notifications.

It seems like the content might be good – the focus is nice – but I can’t really confirm that it is because it is presented so appallingly badly that I could not face reading all the way through a single article.


Where to start? This is quite obviously not an iPad edition. It looks as if it is the print edition of the magazine slapped together as PDFs or similar and shoved into the App Store with the absolute minimum of effort or thought.

Pages, text, font size, images, content – none of it is formatted for the iPad.

Pages are bad and difficult to read in portrait mode …


In landscape mode they’re even worse, and pretty much impossible to read …


In either mode, text is too small to read comfortably. When you double-tap or pinch to zoom it doesn’t do so intelligently (far from it) and you have to scroll and pinch and adjust tons just to read a paragraph or two. It is painfully bad.

There is nothing – honestly, zero – that is iPad-like in this app. There are no multimedia elements. There are no interactive elements. Images cannot be tapped, or zoomed, or viewed in any reasonable way.

There’s no background support. The app does not remember where you left off reading. In fact, it doesn’t even remember what issue you were in – it just dumps you back at the main startup screen each time you switch away and come back to it.

As mentioned above, the app is littered with ads. Like all of the content, these are not formatted for the iPad either – so they’re just as horrible looking as the rest of the content.

Even small things are done badly. The My Library section shows thumbnails of issues you’ve purchased – if you tap on one it doesn’t open, you have to tap on a Read button underneath it. Dumb.



This is a horrendously bad app. An absolute non-effort. The idea that these horrific, badly re-packaged print pages are being offered up at $5.99 an issue is a bad joke.

It is stunning to me that a magazine focused on Apple products as business solutions could put their name on such a shockingly bad app. The publishers of i.Business should be embarrassed to have this title in the App Store.

If you want to win a bet with a friend on who can download the worst app, here’s an App Store link for i.Business Magazine. I can’t think of any other reason you’d use it.

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4 thoughts on “Worst Apps Ever: i.Business Magazine”

  1. i dont need bells and whistles, just an app that is fast. magazines are for reading, the internet is for fancy stuff, you can do both on the iPad. i don’t expect my eBooks to do crazy things, why would I expect that of a magazine?

    can you zoom in on the text to read it better?

    1. I haven’t criticized the app for any lack of bells and whistles, or for not doing ‘crazy things’. I’ve said it’s terrible because it is. It is nearly unreadable, and has quite obviously had near zero effort put into bringing it to the iPad.

      As I said above, you have to zoom to be able to read the text at all, but the zooming not formatted at all for the iPad, and requires way too much scrolling and re-zooming to make for any sort of decent reading experience.

      This is not a case of a good app with not enough bells and whistles. It’s a horribly bad app, all the way around and in every way.

  2. The text on this app is absolutely terrible. You would think they would put more effort in making the text easier to read. The iPad is meant to make things easier, this app certainly does not.

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