Ability to Gift Apps on the iPad is Back, with Some New Bells & Whistles

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Gift an App on iPad

When iOS 6 came out it removed the ability to gift an app directly from the iPad or any iOS device – so you had to got to iTunes on a desktop PC to use the feature.

A recent update to the App Store has brought back this handy little feature. Now we can gift apps directly from the iPad (or iPhone) easily again. There are even a couple of nice new options to go along with gifting an app on the iPad.

Here’s a quick run-through of how to gift an app on the iPad, and those two new options you can use:

— Open the App Store app

— Tap the app you would like to gift, so that you see the popover page for it.

— Tap the Share button at the top right of that app page. That will bring up the sharing options as shown in the screenshot above.

— Tap on ‘Gift’

— That will bring up the ‘Send Gift’ screen – where you’ll enter the gift recipient’s email address and a personal message if desired. At the bottom of this screen you can choose to send the gift today or on a different date – up to 90 days in advance.

Choose Gift Date

Once you confirm your gift details you can now also choose a theme for the gift card that gets sent.

Gifting Theme

Good stuff, and great timing of course for any of your app-loving family or friends on your gift list.

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