App Store Adds Featured Section for Coffee Table Apps

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The iPad lends itself very nicely to apps that feel like they would make make great coffee table books. And now the App Store has a featured section for just such apps.

Some of Apple’s picks for the new section are not ones that I would’ve chosen, but others are definitely on my list of favorites for apps of this type as well. Here’s a quick top-of-the-head list of some of my favorite iPad coffee table apps (I’ll make this into a separate post sometime soon):

  • Art Authority
  • Life
  • Life Wonders of the World
  • Guardian Eyewitness
  • Ansel Adams
  • Ultimate Dinopedia

I haven’t spotted it yet on the iPad itself but in iTunes on the desktop you’ll find this new section just below the What’s Hot section.

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4 thoughts on “App Store Adds Featured Section for Coffee Table Apps”

    1. I don’t see it anymore either. I think Apple doesn’t keep some of these special sections around for very long.

      1. interesting – wonder if they make these decisions based on usage or gut.

        Personally, I didn’t look for the category until we started talking about extending our client’s coffee table books to iPad. I don’t know that I would have looked for this category in my normal life.

        Thanks for the reply – I thought I was missing something.

        1. I kinda wish they’d kept it as a permanent featured section, or made it a sub-category of Books or similar – as I think the iPad really lends itself to these sort of apps and there are some stellar examples out there.

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