App Store Fail: Time Out Releases an iPad App That Is NOT an iPad App

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Time Out for iPad

A new app release that caught my eye today is Time Out New York for iPad – what looked like an iPad edition of the New York version of the city and events guide magazine. I used to enjoy the original Time Out when I lived in London – it was always a great resource for finding fun things to do, shows to see, and more.

So even though I don’t live in New York, I thought I’d take a look at what Time Out was bringing to the iPad. Unfortunately, what I found is that an app titled Time Out New York for iPad, is not an actual iPad app.

When I searched for the app in the iPad App Store I got a result listing it clearly as an iPhone app:

Time Out New York in App Store

A look in iTunes on the desktop also showed it as an iPhone app – not a universal app, just an iPhone app.

And sure enough, a download of the free app gave proof positive that this is an iPhone app. The screenshot at the top of this post shows it as postage stamp 1X size on my iPad. It also does not support landscape orientation.

How did this get past App Store reviewers? How can you have a major publishing house title an app ‘for iPad’ while it is absolutely not an iPad app? That’s about as misleading an app name as I’ve ever seen in the App Store – and it shouldn’t be allowed.

UPDATE: This does now look like it was an App Store search failure. It only showed the iPhone app to me earlier today, but as Meg points out in the comments below there is a proper iPad version now showing up in the iPad App Store. I’ve downloaded the proper iPad version now and it looks quite good. If any of you are looking for it, it’s better to use the direct link rather than relying on the App Store search it seems.

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3 thoughts on “App Store Fail: Time Out Releases an iPad App That Is NOT an iPad App”

  1. Patrick,

    The app is listed in the iPad section as well. For some reason you have to swipe about 4-5 times before it shows up. You would think it would show up first in the list.

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