App Store Features iPad Magazines Offering Subscriptions, All 6 of Them

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The iPad App Store has got a new featured section this week that showcases iPad magazine titles that are offering subscription plans.

A nice idea in theory, but seeing as there are only six titles shown – that don’t exactly cover a broad array of interests or include any real marquee names – it seems more than a little lame. Even a bit embarrassing, as it just serves to highlight how few publishers are choosing to get on board with Apple’s subscription model so far.

I hope more publishers and titles will offer subscriptions soon, as prices per issue for most titles are much higher than most of us would like to pay – but there certainly doesn’t seem to be a lot of momentum in that direction right now.

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One thought on “App Store Features iPad Magazines Offering Subscriptions, All 6 of Them”

  1. NY Magazine subscribers get the app issues for free. It’s nothing special in terms of function or sharing or multimedia, but I actually get to read it since the wife steals the print version.

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