Back to School Apps Section in iPad App Store Looks Great

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There’s a new section in the Featured are of the iPad App Store this week: Back to School Apps.

I knew there were a number of good education-related apps for the iPad, but just glancing at this new featured section has shown me that there are tons of good apps for all ages by now in this area. Here’s the list of sub-sections and just a few of the apps that caught my eye in each:

  • Get Organized: Awesome Note HD, iHomework, inClass, CourseNotes, Notability, Evernote, Evernote Peek
  • Reading: Shakespeare in Bits, The Waste Land, Flipboard, iBooks, Jack Kerouac’s On the Road
  • Write Away: Pages, Storyist, Day One (journal/diary), iA Writer, ThinkBook
  • Math Madness: Numbers League, Wolfram Calculus Course, Calcbot
  • Fun with Science: NASA Visualization Explorer, Science360 for iPad, Our Choice
  • History & Geography: The Civil War Today, Virtual History ROMA, The HIstory of Jazz
  • Art & Creativity: Art Authority for iPad, GarageBand, Brushes iPad Edition
  • Look It Up: WolframAlpha, Wikipanion Plus for iPad, Merriam Webster Dictionary HD

I’m happy to say that several of these have been featured here in the past in our iPad app reviews or as Best Free iPad App of the Week.

If you’ve got kids heading back to school this week, or you’re a student yourself, it’s definitely worth spending some time checking out the new Back to School section of the App Store. You’ll find it in the Featured area.

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