Education Collections: Excellent iPad App Store Featured Section This Week

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App Store Education Collections

Every Thursday the Featured area of the iPad App Store gets a refresh and adds some new and often topical featured sections. This week one of these is titled ‘Education Collections’ and it’s one of the best and most complete sections of this type that I’ve seen.

Just in time for the back to school period, this featured section is packed with very good, curated selections of educational apps across a wide range of categories.


The Education Collections section features 24 sub-sections (plus a few more highlighting Apple’s own apps) including reading, math, physics, chemistry, music, writing, geography, astronomy and earth science, foreign languages, test prep and lots more.


There’s a promising looking Apps for Teachers section …

Apps for Teachers

A very good looking looking section for Special Education …

Special Education Apps

iTunes U also gets a sub-section to itself.


I’m not a student or teacher and I couldn’t play either one on TV, but I think this Education Collections featured section looks like a great resource for students, parents of students, and teachers. I would certainly vote for this one to be kept around as a featured section for a few weeks. It is one of the rotating highlighted sections at the top of the iPad App Store Featured area. You can also find it by tapping on the Education banner block just below the New and Noteworthy section in the Featured area.

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