Here’s One Good Thing About the New App Store Subscription Policy

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The App Store’s new subscription policy has stirred up a lot of controversy and criticism since it was announced – with many publishers and others feeling that Apple’s 30% cut is too steep for this sort of App Store purchase and that Apple is being greedy at the risk of losing apps and developers.

It’s going to be interesting to see how that plays out and whether Apple need to adjust the policy going forward.

In the meantime, here’s a quick screencap that shows one very good thing about the new subscriptions policy. When you subscribe to a publication, you are prompted on whether or not you will allow the publisher access to your information. Just in case you can’t read the screenshot, here’s the full text of the prompt:

Share Your Information?

The developer would like your name, email, and zip code so they can send you messages about related products in accordance with their privacy policy.

And of course you can choose to allow this or not. Good stuff. Publishers have been sharing people’s info with all sorts of junk mail marketers for years without ever offering an easy opt-out. This should help to stop them doing the same thing to our inboxes that they’ve done to our mailboxes for years.

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