iPad App Store Features: 10 Apps that Wow

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10 Apps that Wow

One of this week’s featured collections in the iPad App Store is 10 Apps that Wow.  Here’s the description of it:

From saving money on a last-minute hotel room to discovering the nether reaches of the cosmos, these  apps offer truly awe-inspiring experiences. Each app is a bona fide conversation starter and as you progress through our top 10, you’ll find yourself increasingly amazed at what’s possible on your iPad.

It’s a great idea for a collection, and one Apple could consider running once a month on the iPad App Store. There are plenty of apps that fit the bill.

I’m especially fond of 3 of the picks in this collection: MLB’s At Bat, Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe, and the magnificent WWF Together. I’m also well aware of how great Paper by FiftyThree is, as I’ve seen the fantastic art produced with it and even shared some of it over at my iPad and iPhone Art site.

Here’s the full list of apps include in the 10 Apps that Wow collection: Paper by FiftyThree, Panna, Traktor DJ, MLB.com At Bat, The Orchestra, MyScript Calculator, Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe, Hotel Tonight, Foldify, WWF Together.

This collection is found among the top rotating items in the iPad App Store Featured section this week.

What do you all think of the collection? Any of your favorites in there?

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