iPad App Store Now Shows Warning for Apps with In-App Purchases

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Offers In App Purchases

After a number of recent headline stories about young children racking up huge bills with In-App purchases and Apple having to settle a class action lawsuit by parents relating to the iOS ‘freemium’ model. the iOS App Store now shows a sort of warning label on apps that offer In-App purchases.

For now, it’s a pretty innocuous little label just below the category and rating listing for an app in the iPad App Store. I think it could do with being a little more prominent, and perhaps even include the word ‘warning’ in front of it – or have a small symbol to indicate that it is a warning.

What do you all think? Is this label sufficient to make parents and kids aware or should the label be clearer?

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3 thoughts on “iPad App Store Now Shows Warning for Apps with In-App Purchases”

  1. Personally, I hate in-app purchases. I prefer to pay once and not to be constantly reminded. I think in-app purchases is a big anti-UX issue. This really annoys not only my kid, but me and all my friends. My 12yo son says “the best game I like to play is minecraft, because you can’t see there these stupid messages ‘buy gazilion diamonds for only 100$'”. And if even kid is smart enough to not be treaten like a fool, what about mature guys?

    The man who invented this money-making machine should be thrown from the helicopter screaming :D

    So, I have a word for developers; DON’T treat your clients like fools. Be straight and honest. Maybe release software without in-app purchases; “PRO EDITION” or sth.

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