iPad App Store Password Issue – Anyone Else?

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iPad App Store

Over the last week or so the iPad App Store has started prompting for my account password each time I launch the App Store app.  This is not normal behavior of course. 

I’m fairly certain this is not an account-related issue, as the App Store opens as normal for me (without password prompt) on my iPhone 3GS and new iPhone 4, and works as normal on my MacBook.

I’ve tried most of the quick fix suggestions I spotted at forum discussions on this issue – a reboot, a hard reboot, and a sync with iTunes on the Mac – and the issue still persists. The only other possible fix I’ve seen mentioned is removing and reinstalling apps installed just before the issue first appeared.  Unfortunately, I don’t recall which ones those might be, so it will take me a bit to give that a go.

Anyone else seeing this issue on the iPad?  Better still, have any of you encountered it and found a quick fix?

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15 thoughts on “iPad App Store Password Issue – Anyone Else?”

  1. I had the issue a while ago. I think it was from a failed app update… I had been in Europe where connectivity was spotty and knew I'd been kicked off the network while doing app updates. Then I read others having similar issues. I think eventually an app got an update properly because the prompt went away. It was annoying to say the least and I'm so glad its over. Next time I'm going to pay more attention to my app updates and maybe uninstall-reinstall the last ones I touched to see if it fixes things.

  2. P.S. Apple sends an iTunes bill to your email even if its a free app… one could use that report as a way to narrow down what was last touched. If you don't get the email I believe you can find this information in itunes.

  3. Having the same issue on my iPad. Was also occurring on my 3GS too until I switched to iOS4…

  4. This has happened to me a few times.

    The trick is to check all your downloads on your iPad (or iPhone). Make sure they're all complete (odds are, one isn't but you won't know—trust me from experience). Usually, an app isn't fully installed, due to loosing WiFi or running out of space.

    Then, go to your iTunes on your computer and sync up your iPad. From here, download updates to all your apps on your computer. Most will be ones you're not using anymore, but one might be the problem app that wasn't downloaded correctly. Once they're downloaded, re-sync your iPad. If it doesn't seem to work, sync once more after checking downloads on your iPad and in iTunes one last time.

    This method fixes the incomplete app and should get rid of the password pop-up every time. It's worked like a charm for me on multiple occasions, so hopefully it will work for you as well.

    Love the site and keep up the good work. If you ever get an extra Things for iPad code, keep me in mind!

  5. My issue was similar to bobshell… It was just a fubar’d app download that caused my issue. It eventually worked itself out though, I never did figure out what app it was that caused my problem. Sorry m8 – I don’t know how you can fix it aside from waiting it out or check your latest updates and clearing them out – reinstalling them.

  6. It has been this way for me since I bought my iPad (I have no prior experience with iPhones or iPod touches). I thought that it was SUPPPOSED to be this way.. guess I will have to find a fix.

    I kind of like it though, I accidentally bought a book from the Kindle store because they default to 1-click settings and I thought that I was browsing free books. As it turned out, the book that I purchased was THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATOO which was actually a pretty good read.

  7. I got this problem too. It appears to me that it started when I downloaded the latest version on iTunes. I synced my iPad and reentered my password on my Mac. The problem disappeared.

  8. I was having the same issue due to an app that was trying to update to a version that only works on iOS 4. (This is going to be REALLY obnoxious if it really does take until fall to get our update on iPad.) I ended up deleting the app and the issue went away. Oddly, it was also happening in iBooks!

  9. I was having a different issue that is similar to your problem, it doesn't hurt to rule it out thought. When I was getting the password prompt to update apps, I would enter it and the updates would come in; all except one would show as needing to be updated. I finally noticed that the password prompt was for an Apple ID that was not my primary account, but was the account the app was purchased (free version) from. Every time this app was updated I had to reenter that Accounts password.

  10. Need help on password pop up. Tried deleting newer apps. But still pops up on opening of front page. Help needeD

  11. I got a simular problem. In my case, the popup doesn't show at all. I liked the fact that I needed to enter a password when buying an application. Since two days, there is no password popup at all. clicking the app within AppStore results in an instant download. Any ideas?

  12. I keep getting a prompt for password when I go to the app store. I put in what I think is the password, but it does not work. How do I change my password?

  13. My password is correct but is is not working ! What should I do ? Someone please tell me what to do ! 

    1. BForLife
      Keep re-entering the password. After several tries you will get a message that offers to let you reset your password. Follow the instructions and you can reset your password.

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