iPad Apps Pass the 10,000 Mark

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Apple’s iTunes App Store now lists more than 10,000 universal and iPad specific apps, with nearly 1,000 more being added every week.

According to a report by Mac Stories, Apple’s iPad library includes over 2,100 games and includes a broad mix of content from digital books to productivity and news apps to rich media apps.

That’s from an article at Apple Insider over the weekend, that shares some impressive numbers from a couple of recent reports on numbers of iPad apps available and how fast the numbers have been growing.

Some other interesting numbers highlighted in the article:

— Around 78% of iPad specific apps are paid apps – compared to 75% of iPhone apps.

— The number of iPad apps has grown more quickly following its release than apps did for the original iPhone App Store – where it took 5 months to reach 10,000 apps.  iPad apps have hit the milestone in less than half the time – but they’ve also had a huge head start by virtue of having the iPhone platform to build on.

Despite all these numbers, I have to say that the pace of new apps coming along for iPad feels a little slow to me.  Maybe that’s just an indicator of having become an app addict over the last few years?

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4 thoughts on “iPad Apps Pass the 10,000 Mark”

  1. I agree about the slow pace of killer apps. I think developers are still grappling with the innovative apps. Reeder, Phaidon Design Classics and Remote HD are pretty good examples of innovative apps though.

  2. I've definitely noticed the pace for iPad apps coming along more slowly than they did for iPhone. I would like to think that it will mean a higher percentage of apps that are high quality and take advantage of all the device has to offer. I am definitely noticing more with iPad than I did with iPhone that I'm looking at far more paid apps for what I'm interested in.


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