Latest Cannot Connect to iTunes Store Errors: Apple Techs Working on It

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Cannot Connect to iTunes Store

The infamous ‘Cannot connect to iTunes Store’ errors have been a frequent issue for many iPad and iOS users for months now. I did a post on the Best Fixes for Cannot connect to iTunes store errors back in August – and those fixes have resolved the problem for many users.

Today I’m seeing the error specifically when trying to use Search in the iPad App Store, as are lots of other iOS users. I can still update apps and install new apps without a problem – but as soon as I tap in the search bar I get the error, and of course cannot carry out any searches.

I’ve tried all the fixes listed in my best fixes post and they don’t solve today’s issue – which looks like another issue at Apple’s side. I’ve spoken to Apple support today and they have verified that they can reproduce the issue, that their techs are aware of it, and they’re working on it. There is currently no ETA on when it is expected to be resolved and I couldn’t get any details on what’s causing the issue.

Have any of you seen this problem today with App Store searches? Or seen any fixes for it?

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14 thoughts on “Latest Cannot Connect to iTunes Store Errors: Apple Techs Working on It”

  1. I haven’t seen this, but I haven’t been looking for anything since the update 6.0.1. I have discovered that since the update, my iPad charger won’t charge my iPhone anymore, though…

  2. I had the exact same issue but thought it had something to do with my company’s wireless preventing me from connecting / changing the firèwall settings. Glad to hear I’m not the only one having a frustrating day.

  3. Hi same problem here since yesterday. Tried changing the date fix, as well as the DNS(wifi) fix. Tried the work arounds posted online but didn’t fix it. I’m note able to search for the apps I wanna download. This is irritating and inconvenient!

  4. Hi, just discovered a work around. I tried to sign out from my iTunes account under settings then turned off my ipad/reset it by pressing sleep/wake button and home button then went back to settings> itunes & app store> turn off automatic download for apps. Went back to search the app and it works. I’m just not sure if you need to do everything I did or you just need to turn off the automatic download. You may try the latter one first.

  5. Yep. I’m having the exact same problem. My wife’s iPad works a treat, mine is specifically showing this when I hit search. I’m beginning to lose faith in apple. Things just “worked”. Not anymore.

  6. After posting a comment on this some weeks ago the problem seemed to resolve itself.
    What I now find which is great is that I am no longer asked for my Apple ID when updating or installing from new.

  7. I have exactly the same problem with my ipad 3. Cannot connect to iTunes Store when searching for apps but it was fine if going through top charts etc. Also I couldn’t update any apps so I thought I’d look on the support forums. One solution said sign out of your apple account and sign back in. Now I can’t sign back in to my account as it says cannot connect to iTunes Store!!! Great!

  8. I have been having the same issue. I found that if you type in your search, then pause and let the store bring up a list of choices, and then tap on one of their choices instead of any of the search buttons, it seems to work.

  9. I’ve been having trouble all day with the app store. It either says it cannot connect to iTunes or is says I have to verify payment info and keeps prompting me to input my password. I’ve tried the DNS, the date change and download purchased apps fixes and none of them have worked. This is on the iPad 4.

  10. same problem here, on iphone 4s + iOS 6.01. I have also noticed that i am unable to connect to certain websites on ( when i am on wifi. It gives request timed out error. Everything works fine on 3G network.
    I tried login to apple site on my laptop using apple ID but ti was throwing some error.

  11. reset ipad hold home button and on-off button together for few seconds until apple appears
    this will un freeze ipad apps store and will not lose apps.

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