Learning with the iPad

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Everything-changes-with-iPadimages: Apple

Last week Apple released a video highlighting the versatility of the iPad under the umbrella title; Everything Changes with iPad.

iPad can change the way you do things every day. Take on a new project, pick up a new skill, or start a new hobby. We put together some of our favorite apps and ideas to help you get started.

There were six sections in all, and they covered topics from cooking to small business–traveling to learning, and even redecorating.  Each section covered one main topic and explored how using apps, accessories and tips & tricks geared toward those topics can enhance the lives of those who use their iPads in these creative ways.  With bright, colorful images and recommended apps with links to download them directly from the App Store, Apple showcased what they do best–present solutions and suggestions to real problems and questions people ask everyday.


I really enjoy when Apple creates these specific promotions or videos to highlight a product, category or simple how-to. They do it so well, and present it in such a way, that you can’t help but get excited about what they are promoting.  Then, after describing the many ways you can use the iPad to do so many things you might not have considered before, Apple is right there providing you with a comparison of the various iPad configurations to help make your purchase that much easier.  You can’t help but appreciate their tenacity–the marketing machine never sleeps for Apple.

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure!





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