Lions and Tigers and Apps, Oh My

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Erin Kotecki Vest’s Queen of Spain Blog is one of my favorite reads on the web. It’s like a great movie – in that it can make me laugh, leave me immensely touched, and often gives me lots to think about. If you’re a parent, it’s a site you should have an immediate rapport with. I just loved this bit of dialog on Erin’s post a couple days back, titled ‘The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the … oh nevermind’:

Mom, I want a new game.

You have like 40 new games…you don’t need a new game.

Mooooooooom, but the App store says there is a new snail game, I want the new snail game.

Wait…the App store? How do you even know where the App store is? Did the App store TELL you it had a new game?

I always look for new games Mom, I feed my puffle, feed my fish, feed my reef animals, and then I see if there are new games at the App store.

I’ve got a 7.5 year old daughter (Zoe) who is already an App Store fiend, so that sort of exchange absolutely rings a bell for me. She already gets a monthly iTunes allowance, and nearly every day she nudges me at least once to enter the password to pull down an app update or get a new app.

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