Little Change in iPad App Store Is Big Improvement In Navigation

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Every Thursday Apple refreshes the content in the Featured area of the iPad App Store. Yesterday’s update included a very nice little change to navigation in the Featured and Categories sections.

In the Featured area, in the New and Noteworthy and Staff Favorites sections, you used to see six picks at a time – and then have to tap on little arrows to move forward or back one page. This was always a little tedious and slow. Now you can just swipe left and right to move through the pages. This is much smoother, faster, and nicer to work with.

The change has also been applied to the What’s Hot and Release Date tabs of the Featured area. And to the Categories sections.

Although it’s only a minor change to the iPad App Store, I think it’s a very welcome one. Navigating through pages of apps is now much faster. That’s got to be good for users and for developers as the smoother experience should help app discovery.

The change also kills of an irritating problem with the old navigation method. When you were several pages deep into a section and you hit the back arrow it would often dump you back on the very first screen, rather than the previous one. This is no longer an issue with swiping through pages.

Had you already noticed this change to iPad App Store navigation? Happy with it?

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2 thoughts on “Little Change in iPad App Store Is Big Improvement In Navigation”

  1. I noticed this yesterday and it was a great surprise. I especially agree with comment about not being taken back to screen 1–that was such a pain.

  2. I was there last night and could Not slide to next screen. Where/who do I call with this type problem? This is a New iPad2 won as Door Prize 4 nights ago, battery fully charged. TIA

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