Oh, Lots More iPad Apps & App Store Preview Shots at BGR

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iPad App Store

Man, BGR always seems to have some amazing insider sources.  They’ve got a huge gallery of screenshots of upcoming iPad apps and the iPad App Store itself.  The BGR guys say the shots look ‘absolutely delicious‘ and I wouldn’t argue with that.

Just a few quick things that caught my eye in my first flick through the gallery:

— Coverflow view (hopefully as an option that can be turned on/off) for ‘In the Spotlight’ apps

— Several app screenshots that make you appreciate how much more space there is for apps to play with (as compared to iPhone) – like this Big Oven 170,000 Recipes app:

Big Oven ipad app

— Twitterrific is looking well sharp.  Very glad to see this one and very, very keen to give it a go.

Twitterrific for iPad

Head on over to BGR – HERE – to browse through the big screenshot gallery and get your iPad app juices really flowing – and let us know which ones are looking good to you.

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