PSA: Paypal IS an Accepted Payment Method – Even if the App Store Says It Isn’t

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If you’ve ever used Paypal as your payment method for the App Store / iTunes you may have noticed that Apple seems to have quite a serious vendetta going against Paypal. I’ve used Paypal as my payment method since the very beginning of the App Store and several times over the years the iTunes Store has hit me with messages and roadblocks suggesting that Paypal was ‘not an accepted payment method’.

Well, I’m here to tell you that is nonsense. Paypal has always been an accepted method and it still is now.

This morning I had one of these occasions where the App Store got its knickers in a twist – apparently because there was some issue with payment for an In-App purchase I made recently. For some reason the payment did not clear successfully with Paypal. My balance in Paypal is always far larger than needed to cover any iTunes purchases – so I imagine on that particular day the App Store was just unable to hit the Paypal authorization server or some such circumstance. In any case, I never received any sort of notification of a failed purchase at all – from the ITunes store or Paypal.

The first I knew of the issue was this morning when I tried to update a few apps on my iPad mini. hen I hit the Update button I was prompted to enter my Apple ID password – and I knew something was up because that’s no longer required in iOS 7. When I hit Continue to try to enter the password I was greeted with the popover screen shown above. The one that states that Paypal is not supported on this device.

Again, the idea that Paypal is not supported on the iPad, or the App Store in general, is nonsense. Once I discovered the billing issue all I had to do was go to iTunes on the desktop, view my account, and edit my payment method. I did not change my payment method, I just let it authorize again with Paypal and now the App Store’s knickers are back in alignment and app updates and purchases are working just fine again.

So, the moral of the story – don’t let iTunes or the App Store fool you into thinking you cannot use Paypal as a payment method.

Hope this helps any of you who come up against these sort of issues.

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2 thoughts on “PSA: Paypal IS an Accepted Payment Method – Even if the App Store Says It Isn’t”

  1. Paypal seems like yet just another con trick. I thought i was settling an online payment by visa card but PP seems to have stolen the show. it was an currency transfer. i checked the conversion rate on but the PP payment was increased by 5%.
    surely this is illegal!!!

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