Quick Scoreboard Check: Over 75,000 Apps Designed for iPad, Less than 100 Designed for Android Tablets

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This week the number of iPad apps – those specifically designed for the iPad, not those that are just iPhone apps able to run on the Apple tablet – passed 75,000.

Also this week, blogger and software developer Justin Williams did a count on Android apps available for Honeycomb, the version of Android designed to run on tablet devices, using this method:

My criteria for considering an app for this list is that it either requires Android 3.0 or have its user interface be specifically designed for a tablet experience. I didn’t count games or existing Android apps that are just upconverted to take advantage of the existing screen real estate. While it is a marginally better experience than trying to run an iPhone app on an iPad, I’m not counting it given that Apple doesn’t count the hundreds of thousands of iPhone exclusive apps in its 65,000 iPad app count. There is little point in buying a $600 – $800 device just to run larger versions of apps you run on your phone.

And he found … 20 apps. Twenty.

Android Marketplace currently lists less than 60 apps on its list of Featured Android Apps For Tablets.

Of course, quantity of apps is not the only thing that matters when it comes to creating a great tablet platform – quality is also a big factor. Even so, these are pretty stark numbers – and as experienced iPad users know, there are tons of quality apps within the huge selection as well.

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    1. I do, but I think with all the trash talking that most or all of the would-be iPad rivals are doing, it’s well worth a reminder of numbers like this. Especially when some of them talk about the apps being just as good.

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